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Capetown New Pictures



Our Amsterdam Bike made it all the way to Capetown


One of Blue Blood’s ancestors and heroes, The Big Steve McQueen


The Love For Denim Box


Dry Goods Spray, Wineboxes and a beautiful selvedge carrier bag


The Denim Bar


The dressing rooms


Some of the collection






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Who’s your Grand Daddy?

If you became inspired by all our South-Africa posts, and ever want to visit our store in Capetown. (see Capetown Opening).You might want to check out this Hotel for accommodation.

Grand Daddy hotel is definitely not your standard, white on white, hotel. The whole interior of the hotel looks amazing  and especially the trailer park on the roof-top is a conceptual experiment that is a treat for the eyes.6a00d83451aee269e20105370342d0970c-600wi



The rooftop trailer park has 8 different trailers which have all been inspired by various iconic things and decorated completely according to that theme.

Examples are the Dorothy theme (polka dotted room), the John and Yoko theme (with guitar that comes with the trailer) , and the Three Chairs (watch out for that bear!)

Link: Grand Daddy Hotel

The concept was the developed by the people of WHATIFTHEWORLD.

Not convinced enough, well after seeing the pictures in the gallery you will be! We know we are.

(click to enlarge)



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Our befriended Neighbours in Capetown

Our lovely BS104 is situated on a location which is special in more ways than one. The church the shop is in has a Dutch history and situates a few very extraordinary stores and hotspots. Amongst which Brewers & Union, a local specialty brewery.

Brewers & Union is not just a Brewery, it is a beer salon, a new concept that combines the passion for beer and a social hotspot. The beer is brewed is organic, but the founders know how to serve a killer espresso to tease your tastebuds just as good.

Brewers & Union is a definite meetingplace in the center of Capetown and certainly a place to have checked out when you are in the neighborhood!

They have their passion for beer so deep grounded they can even tell you why beer, for instance, has less calories than wine and therefore is less likely to be the cause of a beerbelly than wine is.


More info on their website :


Brewers & Union






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Loading Bay Capetown news.

Our friends at Loading Bay, Capetown, South-Africa have sent out a very cool newsletter containing some interesting looks and also with pieces including Blue Blood!


( Complete newsletter here : NWSLTR )

Loading Bay


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District 9: Extraterrestials threathing BS 104?

Newflash!: Extraterrestrials have been spotted in South-Africa. Why are they here, what do they want. Should we allow them on our planet? And most importantly; Should we allow them to buy Blue Blood or keep them out of our stores?

Video Link arrival :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlgtbEdqVsk

A corporation named Multi-National United has taken it upon themselves to take ”care” of the Aliens.  They have mapped the area with the aliens.


Since their arrival several fronts opposing and allowing the residence of the aliens on our planet have formed.

We have discovered the website of a resistance-blogger, who claims that the aliens are being mistreated and that the MNU is spreading lies. http://www.mnuspreadslies.com/

The blog also has the viral video made at the January protests……. LINK

More about this phenomenon read the main news site: http://www.d-9.com/

Video snippet of the current news broadcasts < click here

1mq6zowvownr_200 ?


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Pete Philly Meets “BB” Capetown

Our friend Pete came by in Capetown and hung out with Jon, Rus and Joal.

He was in Capetown to perform at the 2009 International Capetown Jazz Fest. And they went to see his performance.

Check out the pics!



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and the pictures keep rolling in!

Indulge in this nice view from Capetown!


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More Capetown pictures!

Extra, extra! See all about it!

Just a quick add of some more Capetown pictures that rolled into my inbox today.

(click to enlarge)

There is no doubt that the party was great, as was the company.

More to come though as we continue having fun.


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Capetown!! Opening BS104 Part 2: Party!!

Party Time people!

Lots of Dutch press and party people were present. Click on the images for a larger view!


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Capetown!! Opening BS104. Part 1

And then the day came of the Capetown opening…

But first, there was the day leading up to it! With Blue Blood coffeefoam , nice views and beaches, and the last preps to the store. The clothes and denim were hung and folded. The brass signs hung. Bree str 104 ,in the basement of a Dutch Church (which also holds a hairstylist and beerbar), was anticipating the party……





 Doesn’t this look like the most appealing Cappuchino you’ve ever laid eyes on?

More pictures after the jump

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