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Provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes.

Moving from hectic London to cool but small Amsterdam, graphic designer Zoe Karssen decided to combine het two biggest passions: fashion and graphic design.

Fascinated by the seventies, tattoos, photography, illustration, underground music and art, Zoe has no trouble feeling constantly inspired by her surroundings, friends and colleagues in the fashion industry.

The petite girl with a big personality gets to live out her dream of producing a small number of hand drawn tees. Each one provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes. She created tees for herself and her friends to help carry out their extravagant lifestyles.

The response to Zoe’s tongue and cheek designs are beyond any of her expectations. With some of Holland’s most influential stylists already using some of the samples, Zoe’s passion project seems off to good start.

Each design comes in a limited edition of a 100 pieces.

Every t-shirt is individually numbered by hand.

The latest addition to her range: Paris Can Wait is available at Blue blood stores now.

The t-shirt range  from 59,99 euros



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The Erin

Think Erin Wasson, Kate Moss, biker boots, Glastonbury festival, leather jackets and you get the new Blue Blood women’s jean named after Erin Wasson called, The Erin.

The Erin is predicted to be the must-have-female-it item of the new Blue Blood SS10 collection. This perfectly fitted jeans suits everybody but is mainly aimed at the beautiful self conscience, independent and edgy woman. The Erin was inspired by the success, look, feel and mainly its fit of one of our first famous jeans for women called Jeannie. The Jeannie and its new variation, The Erin are both skinny jeans with a lower rise. The Erin, made in Italy comes in various washings, all that are stunning and bare a look and feel of a jean that has been used yet it is completely new.

The two variations of The Erin are called Missed The Train and The Zoe. The Erin – Missed The Train washing is inspired by a great Wes Anderson movie – The Darjeeling Limited. The story goes that the actors have been travelling immensely and are in a rush to catch the train but unfortunately they just missed it, where upon they stumble and fall.


This jean therefore also comes with a patch on one of the knees as if the wearer actually fell and had to re-patch her jeans. So when wearing The Erin – Missed The Train it will provide that feeling of edgy roughness, eccentric traveling but being able to stay effortlessly beautiful.

The Darjeeling Limited run


As for the The Erin with The Zoe washing you will definitely get that feeling of being a “London it girl”. Its based on as mentioned earlier the beautiful model Erin Wasson and the edgy Kate Moss as these jeans look used, they are ripped and stitch repaired giving you that nonchalant-sexy-London-girl look.



And our inspiration model…Erin Wasson
Erin model

We can’t wait for The Erin to be in store from January 2010 onwards!


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Kids these days…amazing

“I wore this last Saturday? I think? Or five years ago? Or something”.

” Shoes found in our basement (which is gross until I remember they are velvet and I love them.)”


“This one is from Saturday night at the Alexander Wang & Katie Grand party. Alex is like this little imp that I want to put in a box and build a little house”

These are all quotes from the 13 years young Tavi Gevinson. Tavi speaks and writes as if she has lived a whole life already but the truth is this young blogger is just a teenager. We love her as she is so nerdy in a cool way that she gets invited to the most influential fashion shows during the New York Fashion week. Some of the shows she attended last week were the Alexander Wang show and she was even seated in front row at the Marc Jacobs show. This little blogger has 1.5 million people visiting her blog per month. She happily trades in math, science and history classes to attend The New York Fashion Week or to fly over to London to pose for the cover of Pop magazine.

Alexander Wang and Tavi at the Alexander Wang afterparty

Alexander Wang and Tavi at the Alexander Wang afterparty

Tavi and Yohji Yamamoto at the Y-3 show

Tavi and Yohji Yamamoto at the Y-3 show


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You’re cooler, no you’re cooler, no you are cooler…

Last Friday, we here at the Blue Blood office got a visit from our new friends The Prodigy. For the very few of you who do not know who they are, let me tell you. The Prodigy is an awesome English electronic music band. Their music style can be described as a mixture of rave, break beat, electronic and industrial. With this they have sold millions and millions of albums worldwide, since they emerged on the scene in the early nineties.

How come they came to visit us in Amsterdam? This all happened by coincidence. Our creative director Steve te Pas and our sales director Alex Jaspers met The Prodigy last month at Venice airport. Steve and Alex coming from a wash factory and The Prodigy from a gig they just had in Naples. Steve and Alex, like always, dressed in Blue Blood clothes strolling around the airport got stopped by members of The Prodigy. They loved their style, their clothes, just their whole look and they were dying to know which brand they were wearing. Alex, whom was a little bit unsure whether or not it was the Prodigy he was talking to, started to explain with great enthusiasm and passion about our brand Blue Blood and informed them that he was also in charge for the sales of it. The Prodigy soon then introduced themselves and started to talk about their passion, music. And so they hid it of from there. Steve and Alex invited them to come by the BB office and show room whenever they were scheduled to perform in The Netherlands.

And so it came to The Prodigy visiting us last Friday. From the second they walked in, it was as if Blue Blood and The Prodigy have always been friends. They expected a tiny jeans room, so when they walked in they could not stop saying how cool they thought everything was. The fascinating thing was that everybody at Blue Blood felt an instant click with the boys. When two parties both are incredibly passionate about a certain thing in life, conversation with one another will always be intense and interesting. Blue Blood fascinated by jeans and The Prodigy obsessed by playing guitar and all different styles of music, could not decide what was cooler. The prodigy thought Blue Blood was cooler, we thought they were cooler – it didn’t stop.

When they left us, they invited us all to come see them perform at Lowlands last weekend, and it was amazing! On stage they look rough, wild and extrovert but of stage they are such cool and laid back guys. We love our new friends and all that they are into and we look forward to seeing them again in London in October.





aaaahhhh the BB boys and The prodigy lads have found each other!



Little Dean Moses desperately want to wear Blue Blood too, just like his daddy, Alex.


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Michiel Huisman in BB outfit tonight @ premiere!

Yesterday, Michiel Huisman came by to try on different Blue Blood outfits for the premiere tonight of the movie Unmade Beds. Unmade Beds, written and directed by Alexis Dos Santos is set in a warehouse in London. The plot of this romantic comedy/drama evolves around a man and a woman who both work in the same place but have never even met each other until faith lends them a hand.

Lucky for us living in The Netherlands that we are able to see Michiel shine already in the cinemas from today onwards as those living in the USA will have to wait until Unmade Beds airs there on the 2nd of September.

New Image

” Hmmm…what shall I try on…”




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Kate MccGwire plays with familiarity to excite fear

“I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate
question, duplicate, play and photograph”, is Kate MccGwire’s statement.

Kate Mccgwire’s work plays with the concept of beauty. Much of the work of this fascinating, Norwich born artist is based on Freud’s “Unheimliche”. The idea, to quote Freud, of ‘a place where the familiar can somehow excite fear’.

She doesn’t necesarily view beauty as something that gives pleasure to the eye.

She believes beauty can be something that discomforts you based upon dilemmas. When you see her work, you will feel an immediate inner reaction. It makes you question things, objects and life. The reaction you feel is unexplainable and does not fit to the common rules of conduct of today whereby we try to be rational and have reasons for everything.

The impure materials and objects she uses may seem ordinary when viewed singular but when placed in a circular position or many at once, the object looks completely different.  Take a look at her work and judge for yourself and maybe you will find beauty in the unexpected.





And if you are a fan already and are in London at any chance in October, her next exhibition will be shown at The Trinity Church.


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