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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness… it’s an occasion to be spent in the warm and loving company of family, loved ones and friends enjoying beautiful home made dinner with them. Put in that extra effort. Today is a day full of cherishing and being thankful for all the good things we have been blessed with. ‘Happy Thanksgiving’!




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Blue Blood AW10 @ ‘De Modefabriek’

Check out these images of Blue Blood’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection on models Kim and  Ryan styled by Bastiaan van Schaik.

Please let us know what you think!



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Blue Blood Autumn Winter 2010 preview

‘Old Blues, New Blood’

Blue Bloods Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is inspired by vintage clothing and iconic pieces that we have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized to suit our tastes. Hence Old Blues, New Blood. The full collection is a celebration of classic pieces, reconsidering them and bringing them back to life.

Blue Blood upholds a tradition of outspoken, unique style and innovation. New looks, new styles and new washes. We take something and change it around until it suits us. That’s why we started in the first place – to make the things we and our friends wanted to wear. All designed and created with utter most passion.

The Blue Blood A/W collection will be in our stores this summer.


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Things we’re already looking forward to in 2010

In the New Year we will start at out new office located in the city center of Amsterdam at Koningsplein. A New Year and a fresh start. We are also looking forward to our new collection that will hit the stores in 2010. And we are pretty sure more exciting things are going to happen…


New collection SS10 Men

New collection SS10 Women


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Etsy is a great site to find unique handmade items. Whether you’re looking to buy a present for your friend, grandma or just for yourself, Etsy has something for everyone. This site is created for anyone that wants to make a living out of making handmade goods. Buyers and sellers are all connected on this site and we at Blue Blood picked out a few things that we really like.

One maker decided it was time their plum tree needed trimming. The wood was used to create eco green candle holders. We at Blue Blood have always loved wood, this can specially be seen within our stores. Wooden floors are key at Blue Blood.

We also really liked the wooden buttons this maker created.

Another interesting product is created out of a blend of vanilla, cinnamon, orange and the liquor Southern Comfort. This piece of soap is definitely aimed at those tough men out there that enjoy the strong scent of Southern Comfort while using this so called “All Liquored up soap”.

Ellen Lohse graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and then went on to design books. She now sells her fantastic work on Etsy too. We have posted her work on The Darjeeling Limited before if you can remember? This one below is of Grace Kelly and Stewart.

And finally what a hilarious way to start the new year with this great printable calendar from Keep Calm and Carry Spoof 2010.  For only $5,00 you get the pdf sent to your email and you will be able to print this super funny calendar a million times if you like. Why not start January 2010 with a calendar that tell you to make a resolution and then to break it straight away!



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