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Loading Bay Capetown news.

Our friends at Loading Bay, Capetown, South-Africa have sent out a very cool newsletter containing some interesting looks and also with pieces including Blue Blood!


( Complete newsletter here : NWSLTR )

Loading Bay


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District 9: Extraterrestials threathing BS 104?

Newflash!: Extraterrestrials have been spotted in South-Africa. Why are they here, what do they want. Should we allow them on our planet? And most importantly; Should we allow them to buy Blue Blood or keep them out of our stores?

Video Link arrival :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlgtbEdqVsk

A corporation named Multi-National United has taken it upon themselves to take ”care” of the Aliens.  They have mapped the area with the aliens.


Since their arrival several fronts opposing and allowing the residence of the aliens on our planet have formed.

We have discovered the website of a resistance-blogger, who claims that the aliens are being mistreated and that the MNU is spreading lies. http://www.mnuspreadslies.com/

The blog also has the viral video made at the January protests……. LINK

More about this phenomenon read the main news site: http://www.d-9.com/

Video snippet of the current news broadcasts < click here

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