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The Erin

Think Erin Wasson, Kate Moss, biker boots, Glastonbury festival, leather jackets and you get the new Blue Blood women’s jean named after Erin Wasson called, The Erin.

The Erin is predicted to be the must-have-female-it item of the new Blue Blood SS10 collection. This perfectly fitted jeans suits everybody but is mainly aimed at the beautiful self conscience, independent and edgy woman. The Erin was inspired by the success, look, feel and mainly its fit of one of our first famous jeans for women called Jeannie. The Jeannie and its new variation, The Erin are both skinny jeans with a lower rise. The Erin, made in Italy comes in various washings, all that are stunning and bare a look and feel of a jean that has been used yet it is completely new.

The two variations of The Erin are called Missed The Train and The Zoe. The Erin – Missed The Train washing is inspired by a great Wes Anderson movie – The Darjeeling Limited. The story goes that the actors have been travelling immensely and are in a rush to catch the train but unfortunately they just missed it, where upon they stumble and fall.


This jean therefore also comes with a patch on one of the knees as if the wearer actually fell and had to re-patch her jeans. So when wearing The Erin – Missed The Train it will provide that feeling of edgy roughness, eccentric traveling but being able to stay effortlessly beautiful.

The Darjeeling Limited run


As for the The Erin with The Zoe washing you will definitely get that feeling of being a “London it girl”. Its based on as mentioned earlier the beautiful model Erin Wasson and the edgy Kate Moss as these jeans look used, they are ripped and stitch repaired giving you that nonchalant-sexy-London-girl look.



And our inspiration model…Erin Wasson
Erin model

We can’t wait for The Erin to be in store from January 2010 onwards!


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Most original answer

We would like to thank everybody already for all your funny, great, and interesting reactions. We would especially like to say thank you and show our appreciation to Petra Vlasblom.

We at Blue Blood loved her response!



The collection of SS-10 is inspired BY: 3 WES ANDERSON MOVIES…
The main movie was: THE DARJEELING LIMITED (2007)
(See also the inspired Louis Vuiton Travel Cases)

I made a cool collage!!!!Hope to win a pair of BLUE BLOOD JEANS!!!!
And come to the PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you next week FRIDAY!!!Strand ZUID!!!!!

Best Regards,

Petra Vlasblom

Not only did she give the correct anwer but also took the time in this hot summery weather to create amazing collages based upon the theme of the new Blue Blood SS10 collection.

New Image

collage SS10


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And the winner is…

Rodney has been writing and writing and writing to be able to write all the names on pieces of paper of the lucky once who had the right answer.

Hustling and bustling, he got them all in a box and picked out a small piece of paper bearing the name of the lucky winner and



CONGRATULATIONS , you won a great pair of Blue Blood jeans.

The correct answer to the question was:

Bon Voyage which was inspired by movies made by Wes Anderson.

If you were unlucky this time, you now have 24 hours again to answer the following question in order to win a pair of amazing Blue Blood Jeans.

The question is:

What was the text printed on the t-shirt of the first model that appeared on the Blue Blood SS10 show during the last Amsterdam Fashion Week during the finale round?

Please send your answer to rsvp@thegrandslamparties.com

We will get back to you tomorrow, same time, same place to announce the lucky winner of today’s question and with a last new question.

Good luck and a demain.



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Inspired to Inspire

Movies – movies are watched by all of us. As a form of entertainment, education or it may be a very useful source of inspiration to people all over the world. Great designers world wide have been inspired by many different movies in order to create a wonderful new collections. We, at Blue Blood were extremely moved by The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson, likewise were Louis Vuittons’ new luggage designs.


Last week you were able to read a post on an ode made to Wes Andersen by artist Elloh. Today we spotted on Empireonline.com that just like we here at Blue Blood were inspired by his movies, so were the designers at Louis Vuitton. These great luggage designs by Louis Vuitton look identical to the once shown last week at the Blue Blood fashion show. Check out more pictures of designers that were inspired by movies and that designed for world famous movies – resulting in as a source of insiration for all of us out there.


Sex and The City –  wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood


Fifth Element – costume design by Jean Paul Gaultier


Breakfast at Tiffanys – costume design by Givenchy


Annie Hall – costume design by Ralph Lauren


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Elloh with a daily ode

Our SS10 collection for Blue Blood is based on 3 classic Wes Anderson movies; The Royal Tennenbaums, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.

As we love to roam on the interweb for scan for intersting objects in our free time, Willa surfed and bumped into the artist Elloh on the international webshop for everything handmade named Etsy.com . Here on Etsy Elloh has quite a collection which she calls “an ode to pop culture”.

Amongst her pieces are also two Wes Anderson movies received an ode, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.


We’ve been in contact with Elloh and she has informed us that currently she is also working on a Steve McQueen piece, a definite Blue Blood hero.  Great minds must think alike.

If you are interested in all the paintings she did and how much they cost, check out her little webshop on Etsy :

ode to pop culture …. art by el lohse


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