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Available at our stores now: Red Maps

Red Maps is showing you the best spots in the most exciting cities in the world. It’s is an easy to use guide to find the most fabulous shops, cultural & historical places and the most fabulous sights within a city.

Wonderful cities like New York, LA, Las Vegas, Miami and fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, Venice, Barcelona, London, Rome and off course our Dutch pride Amsterdam and others are available at our B.B. stores now.

For more information please check out http://www.redmaps.com.

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and it all fits into your pocket..

Timo! wallets was founded in 2006 by designer Timo Weiland in downtown New York city. They were looking for a wallet – a slim, stylish one. But no luck.. So they had to make one on their own. And it’s crazy! But they still do; they shoot, they scan, they draw. To capture whatever inspires them. graphic abstractions, simple attractions, and it all fits into your pocket. They are all about images.

Blue Blood has some really nice 3D wallets by Timo! in our P.C.Hooftstraat store now, so run to our shop and see for yourself!

And this is just one of them.. We have 3 more exciting designs available!
Come to our shop to check them out.


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Poster pocket planting

Eric Chueng and Sean Martindale are the implementers of the project Poster Pocket Planting. They fill the city streets of Toronto with more green scenery. What they do is they create “pots” in existing poster walls, they then fill these up with soil and place a plant within it. The poster pocket planters hope that this form of creating green wall systems will encourage other activists to start this method in other cities. It has already been picked up in Brooklyn. Due to the cold weather Eric and Sean have stopped planting new plants into poster pockets. Instead they actually saved some greens that they had put out on Harbord to save them from the frost. These little plants have been carefully brought inside. We love what they do and who knows maybe the streets of Berlin, New York and Amsterdam will look much greener soon. Lets hope so.


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Cornelie Tollens @ Blow Up Gallery

Eroticism, flowers, romance, lust and desire are key element that Cornelie Tollens portrays within her images.

Cornelie Tollens is a great Dutch photographer and a friend of Blue Blood. Her work has been published in many lifestyle and art magazines. She also published a book called Hard Love that came out last year including 50 amazing pictures. Furthermore, her work has been exhibited in Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Berlin and New York. For now, you are able to see her work at the Blow Up gallery in Amsterdam until the end of September.




Picture 2

Picture 6

Picture 7


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Ace Hotel NYC


Any plans for visiting the Big Apple?

One of our close friends pointed  me to this hotel.  The recently opened ACE hotel on 29th and Broadway.

The hotel is not designed in a cold and minimalistic way, but instead they aim to make you feel at home, entering a warm bath, staying over at a close friend’s place. A atmosphere we at BB can definitely appreciate.The prices seem just as friendly…

The hotel situated in the NoMad area (North of Madison Square Garden) is designed by a local firm: Rowan & Williams. Almost everything is either customized or vintage. Plaid blankets which cover the beds, robes based on vintage boxing jackets, guitar strings, and a forthcoming Ace shoe in collaboration with Converse, to name a few.

(for more in-depth info look here: http://www.towleroad.com/2009/05/ace-hotel.html )

For those not flying to the Big Apple any time soon, here some pics!


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