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Spotted: B.B. in this months Glamour

We come across this Blue Blood suit jacket and leather jacket in this months Glamour magazine, thank you guys!


Photography: Marc De Groot
Styling Marije Goekoop

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Spotted: Blue Blood in this months Glamour

We spotted this Blue Blood denim in this months Glamour.
Thanks to stylist Marije Goedkoop!


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Never too young to be fashionable…

We just had to share this adorable shot with you.

It’s Dean at home trying on his new “Stella McCartney for GAP band jacket”. Perfectly combined with a classic white tee and his “My First Selvedge” jeans from Blue Blood. We think he probably looks even cooler than many of us here in the office.

But hey what else, if your mom is Glamour’s fashion editor Jetteke van Lexmond and your dad “Alex too cool for school Jaspers” International sales director here at Blue Blood.

We say, moms keep your daughters in when lil’ Dean will start riding his bike! 😉


p.s. We think Dean could very well become the next James Dean…


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Blue Blood in this month’s Glamour!

In this month’s Glamour we came across Blue Blood in this beautiful photo.
We love the styling! It’s exactly how we see our jeans on a girl.
So we like to thank our friend Jetteke again for making us look this good!

Glamour 2

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Paris, the Boho Chic way Part-1

Not to long ago we showed you around in the office of our sales director Alex Jaspers… (more offices will follow btw)

This time he takes us on a trip to Paris. One of his favourite hide outs to spot trends, beautiful new stores, restaurants and hotels.

His girlfriend Jetteke has the needed experience in this field as well since she’s fashion editor at Glamour Magazine.

So if you’re ready for a trip full of the latest hotspots… On y va!

The Hotel


When in  Paris, the city of love, no hotel seems better suited than hotel Amour!


Luxury luggage and a baguette already picked up on their way to the hotel


Arriving at the hotelroom with a nice welcoming message


An all time favourite!!! The Blue Blood & Globetrotter collaboration


On their shopping spree through the Paris Alex & Jet came across these sprayed on signs on the boardwalk…



Eventually it lead them to ‘Merci’. What turned out to be the hottest new (concept) store in Paris according to shopping experts Jetteke and Alex


Outside ‘Merci’


Tres Jolie!


As maybe understood from the title which includes part-1, we aren’t giving you all the good stuff all at once.

So keep an eye on our blog to find out more about Merci and some other hotspots!

p.s. Not to long from now our Marketing Manager Willa will also check out the latest of the latest in Paris accompanied on her mission by ‘denim head’ boyfriend Sam. We WILL keep you updated!

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