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You’re cooler, no you’re cooler, no you are cooler…

Last Friday, we here at the Blue Blood office got a visit from our new friends The Prodigy. For the very few of you who do not know who they are, let me tell you. The Prodigy is an awesome English electronic music band. Their music style can be described as a mixture of rave, break beat, electronic and industrial. With this they have sold millions and millions of albums worldwide, since they emerged on the scene in the early nineties.

How come they came to visit us in Amsterdam? This all happened by coincidence. Our creative director Steve te Pas and our sales director Alex Jaspers met The Prodigy last month at Venice airport. Steve and Alex coming from a wash factory and The Prodigy from a gig they just had in Naples. Steve and Alex, like always, dressed in Blue Blood clothes strolling around the airport got stopped by members of The Prodigy. They loved their style, their clothes, just their whole look and they were dying to know which brand they were wearing. Alex, whom was a little bit unsure whether or not it was the Prodigy he was talking to, started to explain with great enthusiasm and passion about our brand Blue Blood and informed them that he was also in charge for the sales of it. The Prodigy soon then introduced themselves and started to talk about their passion, music. And so they hid it of from there. Steve and Alex invited them to come by the BB office and show room whenever they were scheduled to perform in The Netherlands.

And so it came to The Prodigy visiting us last Friday. From the second they walked in, it was as if Blue Blood and The Prodigy have always been friends. They expected a tiny jeans room, so when they walked in they could not stop saying how cool they thought everything was. The fascinating thing was that everybody at Blue Blood felt an instant click with the boys. When two parties both are incredibly passionate about a certain thing in life, conversation with one another will always be intense and interesting. Blue Blood fascinated by jeans and The Prodigy obsessed by playing guitar and all different styles of music, could not decide what was cooler. The prodigy thought Blue Blood was cooler, we thought they were cooler – it didn’t stop.

When they left us, they invited us all to come see them perform at Lowlands last weekend, and it was amazing! On stage they look rough, wild and extrovert but of stage they are such cool and laid back guys. We love our new friends and all that they are into and we look forward to seeing them again in London in October.





aaaahhhh the BB boys and The prodigy lads have found each other!



Little Dean Moses desperately want to wear Blue Blood too, just like his daddy, Alex.


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BB loves HK!

On monday night Steve te Pas, owner and creative director of our favourite jeans brand Blue Blood flew out with his design team to Hong Kong. In the middle of the night we here in Amsterdam at the headquarters received some wonderful pictures of this amazing city that we want share with all our BB friends.


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 12

Picture 14

Picture 17


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Most original answer

We would like to thank everybody already for all your funny, great, and interesting reactions. We would especially like to say thank you and show our appreciation to Petra Vlasblom.

We at Blue Blood loved her response!



The collection of SS-10 is inspired BY: 3 WES ANDERSON MOVIES…
The main movie was: THE DARJEELING LIMITED (2007)
(See also the inspired Louis Vuiton Travel Cases)

I made a cool collage!!!!Hope to win a pair of BLUE BLOOD JEANS!!!!
And come to the PARTY!!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you next week FRIDAY!!!Strand ZUID!!!!!

Best Regards,

Petra Vlasblom

Not only did she give the correct anwer but also took the time in this hot summery weather to create amazing collages based upon the theme of the new Blue Blood SS10 collection.

New Image

collage SS10


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Alice by Tim Burton

Tim Burton is redoing the oh so famous Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass story in his twisted infamous way.

For those who are very curious about the movie Disney has finally released the official teaser trailer and it looks stunning!

Our affinity with the Lewis Caroll story is certainly present too! For his wedding Blue Blood’s CEO and creative director Steve te Pas had the dresscode Mad Hatter for men and Alice for women. Maria, Steve’s bride was dressed in a fairytale baby blue dress and all the men at the wedding were wearing top hats. I believe one of the wedding gifts they received was a white rabbit. Very unusual, but perfectly fit to the theme….

What some of you might not know is that Alice is based on a real girl mr. Caroll knew in the time he was writing the stories. Her name was Alice Lidell, and Lewis also being a photographer took pictures of her. Suprisingly the original Alice is not blonde, but instead has dark hair. These kind of trivia and lots of pictures and illustrations can be found on http://www.alice-in-wonderland.net .


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B.B. Crew and friends


Looky-look here! Our friend Jennifer Althouse from LA has put up some of the photos of the great time that we’ve spend during her stay in Amsterdam.

There was food, obviously, and Willa demonstrated how she practiced modeling and posture  by carrying her plate Asian-style. I’d say she did wel.

We all enjoyed ourselves and it was great to have her over.

Till next time Jennifer.


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