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I AMsterdenim part 2


And they are standing!

Faster than expecting the I AMsterdenim statue is on it’s spot.

If you have the time come by from today 16.00 to July 26th to also see the details on the denim.  We have a Blue Blood back pocket and  B.B. letters like every Blue Blood denim should.

Definitely worth your time, plus the location is especially nice to visit with the summer-y weather.

Hope to see you around.






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I AMsterdenim part 1

It is I AMsterdenim time. This morning the workers of I AMsterdam are working hard on placing the letters on the Westergasterrain so they stand denimized and tall before 16.00.


The letters look great, by courtesy of the special HKU student design team.


We are anxcious to see the end result when the letters stand lined up on the Amsterdam International Fashion Week terrain. Even more on how the fabric will look after the 26th of July.

The fully placed letters will be in our next post

For more pictures see the gallery below.



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Blue Blood packs AMsterdam in Denim

Fashion week is closing in and Blue Blood is collaborating with I AMsterdam to wrap letters of the well-known I AMsterdam statue in Blue Blood denim for Fashion week.

I AMsterdam came up with the idea of collaborating with a denim brand for Amsterdam’s upcoming Fashion Week. Amsterdam is often considered today’s denim capital of the world. Despite of it being such a ‘small’ city, it is the hometown of worldknown brands such as  G-star, Kuyichi and Blue Blood. It next to that is also the location of EU and International HQ’s of brands such as Diesel, Hilfiger Denim and has for a long time been one of the most important markets for brands such as Replay.

Since we at Blue Blood have been linked with the Amsterdam International Fashion Week since day one it seemed only natural to get us involved.

The I AMsterdam statue  moves through out Amsterdam. Some of it’s most wellknown locations are Museumsquare, LeidseSquare, and RAI Congres Center.  During Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) the letters will be located at Westergasfabriek. Blue Blood will dress them to the occasion.

The custom making of the denim for the letters required quite some preperation so we had a special team doing all the measuring, drawing, sowing and such, all of which attracted much attention of the locals and some press. You can see the prep photos in the gallery below!


I AMsterdam is PR initiave for the city of Amsterdam:

‘I amsterdam’ is the motto for Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Area. It is the city marketing initiative developed in 2005 as a means for Amsterdam to profile itself assertively on the international arena.

‘I amsterdam is the motto that creates the brand for the city and people of Amsterdam. In saying or expressing I amsterdam, we demonstrate a clear choice for the city of Amsterdam. I amsterdam shows our pride, our confidence and our dedication. I amsterdam is our personal endorsement for our city. Using I amsterdam, we can show clearly and proudly all the many benefits, opportunities and dimensions of excellence that make Amsterdam our city of choice.’’ Source: I amsterdam Manifesto.

The letters will be placed 22th of July on the Westergasfabriek terrain.


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Blue Blood Fall 2009 Catwalk Show

How could we hold this from you any longer….

Check out the Blue Blood & Avelon fall 2009

blue_blood_afwf09_00081   blue_blood_afwf09_00301blue_blood_afwf09_00581blue_blood_afwf09_00902blue_blood_afwf09_01032








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Blue Blood Backstage

Friday was finally there… 

The day to show all the press, Dutch celebrities and all other Amsterdam’s influentials what we’ve been working on over the last 6 months.

And we worked hard!

Here you see some last minute prepping.

Backstage, the goodiebags, the dress rehearsal, the models and some celebs arriving.



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Blue Blood prepares for Amsterdam Fashion Week Catwalk show

All of the Blue Blood’s have been working hard the last couple of weeks to prepare for the Catwalk show!

Models have been coming and going to fit all the beautiful pieces… The speakers have been blasting to check out Joost van Bellen’s wonderful mixes, Design has been working round the clock to get everything ready in time… and marketing has been working with a big team to get everything arranged.

Check out some of the preparations!

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Blue Blood @ Modefabriek

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