Our befriended Neighbours in Capetown

Our lovely BS104 is situated on a location which is special in more ways than one. The church the shop is in has a Dutch history and situates a few very extraordinary stores and hotspots. Amongst which Brewers & Union, a local specialty brewery.

Brewers & Union is not just a Brewery, it is a beer salon, a new concept that combines the passion for beer and a social hotspot. The beer is brewed is organic, but the founders know how to serve a killer espresso to tease your tastebuds just as good.

Brewers & Union is a definite meetingplace in the center of Capetown and certainly a place to have checked out when you are in the neighborhood!

They have their passion for beer so deep grounded they can even tell you why beer, for instance, has less calories than wine and therefore is less likely to be the cause of a beerbelly than wine is.


More info on their website :


Brewers & Union







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2 responses to “Our befriended Neighbours in Capetown

  1. I love the cobbled doorway and pointed stonework on the outside of the building. And the beer looks good too! With those Nutrition Facts in mind, I might change my tipple 🙂

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