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Blue Blood Autumn Winter 2010 preview

‘Old Blues, New Blood’

Blue Bloods Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is inspired by vintage clothing and iconic pieces that we have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized to suit our tastes. Hence Old Blues, New Blood. The full collection is a celebration of classic pieces, reconsidering them and bringing them back to life.

Blue Blood upholds a tradition of outspoken, unique style and innovation. New looks, new styles and new washes. We take something and change it around until it suits us. That’s why we started in the first place – to make the things we and our friends wanted to wear. All designed and created with utter most passion.

The Blue Blood A/W collection will be in our stores this summer.


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We love vintage

We at Blue Blood love vintage. We like products that tell a story.

Great vintage is all about heritage, craftsmanship, quality, good design and style. Just like our Blue Blood collections.

We selected some pictures that inspire us, please let us know what you think!


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Studded Converse All Stars

We at Blue Blood spotted some really nice studded All Stars on the internet. The sneakers feature hand studding along outer facing side of each shoe.

The original Chuck Taylor All Stars are available at our P.C.Hooftstraat store, so come to our store and make sure you will get yourself a nice pair and get creative at home!

You might spot us with a pair of vintage studded Chucks in Amsterdam soon..



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Hopi Botanicals Solid Perfume Amulet

Hopi Botanicals is a new project of Emmelie Brunetti that will launch in spring 2010. It’s a collection of natural solid perfumes packaged in unique vintage and antique snuffboxes. Emmelie is fascinated by fragrances and is obsessed with all things organic and passion for design. The fragrances are pure and simple. These Californian handmade amulets are made out of high quality ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade and always cruelty free. There will be 12 magical scents.

Check it out!









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Too Faced….

Too Faced is the name of a nice looking and fun American cosmetic brand. We came across it a while ago and this week we received some amazing products for us to try out. We received a lip-gloss that can turn into different shades of pink. So whether you want to feel totally zen or frisky, you can do both with this one lip-gloss.


We also received an eye shadow transformer. This is a tiny little brush that has to be dipped in a special type of liquid and with this you can turn any eye shadow into a hundred different shades.Too Faced make-up is fun yet very glamorous.


Their cosmetics are packaged in cute boxes with pretty writing and funny texts and images on them. While the packaging looks rather girly, the make up makes you look “too faced”. Interesting!



It is so not like any ordinary cosmetic brand and that is why we love it and hope to be able to sell their products within our Blue Blood stores in the future.

WOW, I just checked their website and they even have a vintage sale that is on right now whereby you can save up to 75%!

We like what they do!


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