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Our friend: denim devotion

In the light of the post about our friend Aaiwen, who wears his Avelon nr 1 for 5 years now,  Alex looked to another friend (with a bit of envy I must add).

His name is Paul Bellaart, and he has been wearing his Blue Blood Paper Silk Selvedge for two years with no break! The fades, tears from the wear are incredible and will only improve with time.


It is the kinda of look on a denim that Alex wishes he had!But then again, with wearing it 2 years straight what else can you expect of a jean?

In the mean time we look forward to having more friends show off their fades.



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One of the First (and Puma!)

Our good Friend Aaiwen Nazier (Key account Special Product Manager at Puma) came to pay us a visit.

Aaiwen was wearing his Avelons, but not just any Avelon jean! It was the first Avelon jean ever, the Avelon nr. 1. He’s been wearing them for 5 years now and they have developed nice atari and honeycombs. Check out the pictures for more details on the fade!

It is nice to see a friend wear his Blue Blood Avelon with such devotion. Looking forward to photographing more friends wearing their denim with such devotion. Alex was super excited and wished his ADHD denim had faded as much already too! Aww…… (lol)

Puma will have a exclusive line that will be sold exclusively in the de PS13 and PC142 stores of Blue Blood in the Netherlands.

(click to enlarge)

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and the pictures keep rolling in!

Indulge in this nice view from Capetown!


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Update: Capetown!

As you can see, the store is coming together pretty fast. No suprise as the opening is already coming Saturday the 21st! The team is working hard to get it done by tomorrow for the big openings party. From HQ also a few will be present such as Alex and Bas.




















Also Blue Blood has aquired some new canine denim lover fans who are totally mad about the brand…… Don’t believe me?

See for yourself:


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Bread & Butter Day 2


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