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Thank you & goodbye P.P. & P.

Thank you and goodbye!

Pete Philly & Perquisite, one of our favourite Dutch acts will no longer be…
Pete & Perq have decided to each go their own way. Last Thursday was their FINAL gig!
We want to look back and share some of their beautiful work and greatest moments.

Pete & Perq playing around!

We wish both guys all the best and will remain to support them when and where ever we can.



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Beautiful images to enjoy your evening with…

Yesterday Pete Philly sent us a link of a blog bearing some stunning images. We picked out some of our favourite pictures so that we can share them with you.











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A pre-view with Pete Philly

Pete always loves to claim that our brand is so fresh and “on” and even changed his view on fashion or should I say “clothing”…
Because before we introduced Pete to our collection he never thought he was even into fashion, he used to just wear clothing.
Since he’s so enthusiastic and a faithful fan we like to invite him each season for pre-view.

Picture 011
Of course, the line has already been showed during Amsterdam Fashion Week and you can find plenty of photo’s online…
But it’s a very different experience to be able to touch the pieces, feel the materials and even try some items on.

Picture 005
Pete told us he was very impressed by the Blue Blood SS10 collection and can’t wait to run to the store in January! He even shared with us that has to meditate in order to keep himself calm in the waiting period…

Picture 002

Oh one more very important thing we almost forgot to mention…
Check out the t-shirt Pete is wearing in the photo below that says BLOOD IS THE CURRENCY.
This a very important project we are involved in. Less and less young people in the Netherlands decide to become a blood donor.
This means if nothing changes in 5 years from now we will have a very serious problem. If nothing changes it’ can become so extreme that we will loose multiple lives because there won’t be enough blood for blood transfusions.
Pete was shocked and was certain to help this project first of all by becoming a donor and of course by helping to spread the awareness.
More info on this project will follow so keep an eye on us!

 Picture 019

He even left the BB office, wearing this t-shirt to raise awareness already!

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ROBOts Take Over.

Last week the new social media site robo.to launched on the internet.

robo to

The developers are friends of Justin Timberlake who recently updated his site too! Therefore it was no suprise to see mr. Timberlake’s face as one of the first on robo.to

What it is? Robo.to is a 3 sec. filmed “update” of yourself. You can compare it to twitter but then with facial expressions. It can be interlinked with social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, so that your new post can be follwed by everyone you know! It saves your previous ones so people can look back too….

For those very curious here are some international and national robo.to -ers:

Justin Timberlake

Pete Philly


(click on the arrow left to the vids to see an older post)

Will we see you soon on robo.to ? Let us know!


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Pete Philly Meets “BB” Capetown

Our friend Pete came by in Capetown and hung out with Jon, Rus and Joal.

He was in Capetown to perform at the 2009 International Capetown Jazz Fest. And they went to see his performance.

Check out the pics!



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Q & A by Pete Philly & Perquisite

Yes our friends, a few posts back we showed you some on-site pictures of the videoclip Q&A of Pete Philly & Perquisite. Blue Blood was there to witness some of the shooting.

The vid looks great and was taped in the Westerpark area in Amsterdam (the neighborhood where also the HQ of Blue Blood resides). The entire Video was taped with a mobile phone, which resulted in the genuine viral look it has!

So, without further ado:

Extra fact: There are B.B. pieces in the video 😉

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Pete Philly in the house.

“Happy as a kid in a candy store”  is what Pete said when he got a preview of the new Blue Blood Collection. Pete could unfortunately not join us for our show. He was performing in Rotterdam together with amongst others one of our other heroes; Alain Clark.

Therefor we invited both guys into the showroom for a sneak peek…

Here’s some Pete!




 Pete of course tried some stuff on and tested the gear to see whether it was Pete Philly stage proof. If you ever saw him perform live you know what I mean. If not… Shame on you and my advice; go check out a live show near you.


Thanx for your visit Pete! And we’ll catch up in Capetown!







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Pete Philly & Perquisite Video Shoot


Guess what,

As we were on our way to arrange some first preparations at Amsterdam Fashion Week we ran into some of Amsterdam’s finest! The musical maestros; Pete Philly & Perquisite  as they were filming for their next video.

They boys were both wearing Blue Blood and even Pete’s beautiful girlfriend was representing our brand!

Check it out…


The video shoot at Westerpark 




The luxury of  being a star in Holland…. Oh so glamorous..



We love to pamper our Blue Blood friends


Ruben on keys


Nzinga rockin’ our handknitted scarf


Pete from the back


The boys sporting Blue Blood


Pete & Perq

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