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Shepard Fairey blesses Amsterdam

If I ask you if you know Shepard Fairey, you might say no. But that’s until I show you some iconic images from his hand. 
You might’ve run across his images on your local street corner or noticed his iconic Obama portrait during the 2008 US presidential elections.


Shepard Fairey is a contemporary artist , graphic designer , and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. 
Obey clothing was founded in 2001 when Shepard realized that clothing can be a creative platform in many way. Using t-shirts as his canvas.

Now Shepard decided to bless Amsterdam Central Station with some of his amazing signature pieces. Since Willa’s brother Sebas Stoutenbeek (he used to be a part of the BB team and always stays in touch) is the Dutch representative for Obey we got the scoop on this and get to share some of the first images with you!



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Elloh with a daily ode

Our SS10 collection for Blue Blood is based on 3 classic Wes Anderson movies; The Royal Tennenbaums, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.

As we love to roam on the interweb for scan for intersting objects in our free time, Willa surfed and bumped into the artist Elloh on the international webshop for everything handmade named Etsy.com . Here on Etsy Elloh has quite a collection which she calls “an ode to pop culture”.

Amongst her pieces are also two Wes Anderson movies received an ode, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.


We’ve been in contact with Elloh and she has informed us that currently she is also working on a Steve McQueen piece, a definite Blue Blood hero.  Great minds must think alike.

If you are interested in all the paintings she did and how much they cost, check out her little webshop on Etsy :

ode to pop culture …. art by el lohse


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Alain, Food and Trouw


Willa from Blue Blood and Alain Clark went to check out the food at Trouw, which is a new club/restaurant in the old Trouwbuilding, which used to be the newspaper office the Dutch “Trouw”, at Wibautsstraat.

It is the new club 11 and decorated with that intent (same owner as the former club 11).  At first when you come in it feels cold, but after a few steps an industrial heatblower warms you right up.The ambiance was nice, the food ok and Willa and Alain had a great time. It is always nice to check out new places anyway!

Not to mention we are very proud of Alain now scoring not only on national level but also international level with his music!He has been a friend of BB since day one and is has been friends ever since. He is listed in top lists both in the UK and Italy and we have no doubt that it will expand.



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Better Late than Never!

Remember fashion week January ’09? Remember the afterparty…

No you don’t? Could mean you weren’t there or that you were but got totally wasted. As most of us did..

So here,  (re-)experience  fashion week’s hottest party hosted by Blue Blood, Glamour, George, and Moet & Chandon

Take a peek down memory lane…

(Pictures by Dennis Branko)

The party was very exclusive and the list was tight!

What a night o what a night.. 😛


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Hanna in the house.

Last week on Friday the lovely Hanna Verboom came to visit us in the showroom.

Afterwards she and Alex went vogue in the hallway Blue Blood style!

(click to enlarge pictures)

But she was not our only visitor that day! All the way from the USA Jennifer of American Rags came to grace us with a visit as well.

She, Alex and Willa had a great time hanging out.  She got to see Amsterdam in a very Dutch manner, namely by bike! With our risky traffic she managed well, apart from a few almost accidents…. There was food and as we say in dutch “gezelligheid”, and a nice tour around town.

It was great having her over!



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