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Noah And The Whale

We at Blue Blood love this song and video, please let us know what you think..



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Our friend Nalden


Who is into blogging and keeping up to date with the hottest blogs can’t be anything but familiar with Nalden…

For the few amongst you who don’t know Nalden yet; SHAME ON YOU! But friendly as we are, we will teach you.

Since this young cat (1984) from Amsterdam  started sharing his thoughts via www.nalden.net he has worked for several companies in the music and advertising industry. He started working for record label Top Notch and State Magazine. After two years he moved over to the BBDO network to work as a junior creative for Proximity in the Internet & advertising department. Six months later he switched to Streative Branding
where he became an expert in trend research and creative consulting. With his knowledge about the web he gave advice to clients like O2, Telefonica, Bacardi, Jo Malone and became Streative’s in-house community connector.

Today he is co-owner of Appletree Records and shares his autodidact thoughts as a young social entrepreneur professionally through lectures and consulting. Despite all his activities as a record label owner, lecturer, web strategic consultant Nalden does not stop sharing, helping and promoting good initiatives (music, art, design…) on Nalden.net.

Nalden.net is unique on the web as one of the few weblogs build in Flash and has won many design- and website awards which is an acknowledgment for the current form as a Rich Media Application.

About Nalden.net

Nalden.net is an influencer weblog since 2002 that transformed to a Rich Media Application in 2008. This R.M.A. works like an online desktop and includes news supported by audio & video channels covering interests in a wide spectrum of music, design, trends & technology in a real and authentic way directly to the influential trend-setters market segment with an entirely unique approach to distribution and content. By revealing interviews with progressive talented people, articles on emerging trends/cultures and presentations of products in their raw form Nalden speaks to the influencers in their own language.

Now since Nalden is a good friend of ours, good things between the two of us are bound to happen…

Curious? Keep an eye on us and of course on Nalden!


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Dio & Sef in preparation of the 3FM Awards

Today one of Holland’s biggest music events will take place, the 3FM awards.

Yesterday two of Holland’s finest artists Dio & Sef came to prepare for their performance during the Award show tonight.

Look at them. They came in our PC 142 shop looking like streetbums.. 😉 And walked out as gentlemen…

We at Blue Blood wanna wish the boys all the best for their performance tonight. And Dio with his nomination for best new artist!

Oh if you noticed that hot Vans and Parra colabo that Sef was wearing. You’ll have to be patient… Freshcotton will have them available from August 2009.

For now you can enjoy the latest Dio & Sef video.

Be warned it’s all in Dutch and it features another close Blue Blood friend; Valerio.

Enjoy!  Tijdmachine  Dio feat. Sef (click to play)



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Pete Philly Meets “BB” Capetown

Our friend Pete came by in Capetown and hung out with Jon, Rus and Joal.

He was in Capetown to perform at the 2009 International Capetown Jazz Fest. And they went to see his performance.

Check out the pics!



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and the pictures keep rolling in!

Indulge in this nice view from Capetown!


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More Capetown pictures!

Extra, extra! See all about it!

Just a quick add of some more Capetown pictures that rolled into my inbox today.

(click to enlarge)

There is no doubt that the party was great, as was the company.

More to come though as we continue having fun.


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Pete Philly & Perquisite Video Shoot


Guess what,

As we were on our way to arrange some first preparations at Amsterdam Fashion Week we ran into some of Amsterdam’s finest! The musical maestros; Pete Philly & Perquisite  as they were filming for their next video.

They boys were both wearing Blue Blood and even Pete’s beautiful girlfriend was representing our brand!

Check it out…


The video shoot at Westerpark 




The luxury of  being a star in Holland…. Oh so glamorous..



We love to pamper our Blue Blood friends


Ruben on keys


Nzinga rockin’ our handknitted scarf


Pete from the back


The boys sporting Blue Blood


Pete & Perq

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