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The Wooden Heap by Boris Dennler

Designed by Boris Dennler, the Wooden Heap collection was created for people to look beyond the appearance of something. Instead of taking the traditional shape of drawers or cabinets, the Wooden Heap collection takes cues from the past in which objects often hid their true purposes.

We think Boris Dennler’s designs look amazing, please feel free to let us know what you think.


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Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker currently lives in Lyon and works in his town and Paris. He is an interdisciplinary art director specialized in creating intelligent solutions for corporate, packaging, print media and papermade illustration. We at Blue Blood love creative people and we would like to share some of his great work.

For more information visit Romain’s site.


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Heat up with Piet

Heat up in style this winter with the Piet Indoor Stove. This useful piece of furniture so to say has been created by a Danish architect and mathematician, Piet Hein hence the name: Piet Indoor Stove. This stove, not only heats you up during the cold winter days but it also looks like a stylish piece of art within your home. Furthermore, it can be placed near all other furniture and walls within your home due to the great rock wool insulation the Piet has.




We’re looking forward to winter!


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Our friend Nalden


Who is into blogging and keeping up to date with the hottest blogs can’t be anything but familiar with Nalden…

For the few amongst you who don’t know Nalden yet; SHAME ON YOU! But friendly as we are, we will teach you.

Since this young cat (1984) from Amsterdam  started sharing his thoughts via www.nalden.net he has worked for several companies in the music and advertising industry. He started working for record label Top Notch and State Magazine. After two years he moved over to the BBDO network to work as a junior creative for Proximity in the Internet & advertising department. Six months later he switched to Streative Branding
where he became an expert in trend research and creative consulting. With his knowledge about the web he gave advice to clients like O2, Telefonica, Bacardi, Jo Malone and became Streative’s in-house community connector.

Today he is co-owner of Appletree Records and shares his autodidact thoughts as a young social entrepreneur professionally through lectures and consulting. Despite all his activities as a record label owner, lecturer, web strategic consultant Nalden does not stop sharing, helping and promoting good initiatives (music, art, design…) on Nalden.net.

Nalden.net is unique on the web as one of the few weblogs build in Flash and has won many design- and website awards which is an acknowledgment for the current form as a Rich Media Application.

About Nalden.net

Nalden.net is an influencer weblog since 2002 that transformed to a Rich Media Application in 2008. This R.M.A. works like an online desktop and includes news supported by audio & video channels covering interests in a wide spectrum of music, design, trends & technology in a real and authentic way directly to the influential trend-setters market segment with an entirely unique approach to distribution and content. By revealing interviews with progressive talented people, articles on emerging trends/cultures and presentations of products in their raw form Nalden speaks to the influencers in their own language.

Now since Nalden is a good friend of ours, good things between the two of us are bound to happen…

Curious? Keep an eye on us and of course on Nalden!


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Amsterdam is a hide out for some of the world’s greatest talents

Amsterdam offers home to some of the most talented creatives in the world. It has always been like this and we hope it will continue to always be this way.

Today we want to introduce you to Amsterdammer Martine Johanna. Floating between contemporary illustration, art nouveau and victorian lowbrow, Martine creates fairytales on paper.

We can spend hours talking about her art but as the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So why waste your time with words if we can just show you some of her nicest work…







0022 the woods

0017 drift

0019 louis


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One of our befriended Iconic Amsterdammers is Snar.

Snar is especially known for his art but is also a face in the scene.

Because we like Snar and Snar likes us, we decided to start doing things together.

This is one of our Blue Blood Wineboxes. Snar worked his magic and this is the result.




Don’t be surprised to see more of him and Blue Blood in the future!

SNAR Website

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Paris, the Boho Chic way Part-2

IMG00098-20090509-1033Now for a little more in-depth info of the 1 of the 2 hotspots we displayed in yesterday’s post.


First of all MERCI, an amazing concept store which is also environment-friendly. How so? MERCI is from the people of Bonpoint, who have created an concept store with luxury product ranging from flowers, to fashion to one-off crafted homewear items and art of which the profits go to charity in Madagascar.


Top brands have dedicated collections especially to MERCI. In the shop you will encounter pieces from, amongst others, Isabel Marant, Jérôme Dreyfuss, Marni, Paul & Joe, Stella McCartney, Swildens, Christian Tortu, and YSL.


A  good thing seeing that the top brands are all conceding their profit margins to charities in Madagascar. The place in general has a more lifestyle feel to it than a regular shop. The Charity books section, a very New York inspired place where you can rest with a tea or coffee while reading. Books are second hand, in many languages and come from donations. Other things:

  • The Annick Goutal laboratory to create your own fragrance.
  • An old fashion haberdashery shop where you can buy top buttons, ribbons and zippers
  • The flower shop by Christian Tortu


That’s not all folks! We will keep you up to date…



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Update on Prada Transformer

Earlier this year we’ve blogged about the ambitious and futuristic Prada project called the Transformer.

They’ve released an official website with more info to check out.

And there is a more elaborate explanation of the project and activities.

Check it out! : http://www.prada-transformer.com/


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Transformer in Korea

In the trend of being Dutch and proud of it, we decided to post about another Dutch talent getting internationally far.

As amazing as the favelas in Rio, Rem Koolhaas the architect from OMA has designed an even bigger awe-ing project. The Prada Transformer in Seoul, Korea.

Scheduled to open at the end of March, the Prada Transformer will stage a range of art, cinema, culture and fashion events though August. the 65-ft. high tetrahedron is composed of four different shapes, a hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle.

It is certainly an ambitious project as the Transformer is scheduled to open this week. A mix of everything nice in a supercool building. The building is set to shift it shape every other time period just like a transformer.

We from BB especially find this cool, because of the mix of fashion, art and awesome innovative exposition developments! Looking for to see how the structure transforms once it opens!

Check for more info this link or this one




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Favela in the water

In a few days from  now our Willa is going on a trip to Brazil. In the light of that we decided it was cool to post some interesting info about Rio, where in Rocinha, 2 Dutch artists and friends of us have conducted a incredible project. Favela Painting.

They have taken the street and kids from the street to paint an enormous Japanese river flowing all the way down… it is amazing to look at and Willa is excited to see it first hand! The koi fish look amazing and from the pictures posted you will be able to grasp a slight bit how enormously this artwork is.

The painting they did was co-designed by the tattoo artist Rob Admiraal, and the artwork was featured on international news from CNN to Al-jazeera!

Willa will visit the slum herself and take pictures, which we will post here online of course! We are excited to see her findings and photos that she will take of her little adventure in Rio and maybe some other parts of Brazil…

You can check out their blog on their adventures and activities at: http://www.stupidtelligent.blogspot.com/


The pictures were taken from http://www.boomerang.nl/favela/

(click the links for more info and pictures!)


sea of paintings



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