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Will you be Blue Blood’s cool-hunter?

05 CoolHunterFINALred

Are you a fashion or art student or do you just adore fashion? Are you up to date with the newest innovations and technologies or have you always been ahead of the trends?

If so, then you might be the person we are looking for!

Blue Blood is scouting for cool-hunters worldwide.

We aim at offering consumers, products that are different, new and interesting. They are high-end niche products that are not seen at many other stores or preferably not sold at all in any other store within The Netherlands.

Do you live abroad or will you do an internship in a different country soon, or maybe  a minor in a foreign place? Then we are looking for you. Help us find the coolest things within your city, keep your eyes open and report back to us in your own time. Find us the newest items before any one else picks up on it.

If you think you have it in you to be able to find the coolest items that matches Blue Blood’s style then send an email to nathalie@bluebloodbrand.com


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Michiel Huisman in BB outfit tonight @ premiere!

Yesterday, Michiel Huisman came by to try on different Blue Blood outfits for the premiere tonight of the movie Unmade Beds. Unmade Beds, written and directed by Alexis Dos Santos is set in a warehouse in London. The plot of this romantic comedy/drama evolves around a man and a woman who both work in the same place but have never even met each other until faith lends them a hand.

Lucky for us living in The Netherlands that we are able to see Michiel shine already in the cinemas from today onwards as those living in the USA will have to wait until Unmade Beds airs there on the 2nd of September.

New Image

” Hmmm…what shall I try on…”




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