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Sophie got inked.

Our friend and favorite model Sophie (doing the Blue Blood shoots, lookbooks, etc.) got her finger inked last week and we absolutely love it! Please check it out!



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Blue Blood’s Dennis got inked

Last week Blue Blood’s Dennis got inked by his friend from I Love Inkers. I love inkers is a really cool tattoo shop in the city center of Amsterdam. For more information check www.iloveinkers.com. Dennis wanted to show his love for his family in a special way. So he got a tattoo with the names of his three children around his wrist. The names are separated by little symbols; after his son’s name an anchor, after his daughters names a heart. Pretty cool but also very sweet isn’t it?

Take a look at the painful moment and the result!


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Bodies Of Work

Photographer Brian Cummings did a series on the exploration of the art of tattooing. Over the past year he photographed tattoo artist and some of their clients. This is not your everyday tattoo photography, it’s classy, sexy, and artsy. This ‘Bodies of Work’ series by Brian Cummings is pretty good, don’t you think?



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