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very BIG Vans

Right across our new store at ‘Koningsplein’ we spotted this enormous Vans advert. Since we are selling Vans for quite a while now at our existing Blue Blood stores we thought it is a pretty nice view. Several models and colors are available at our new city center based shop at ‘Koningsplein’.

See you there soon!



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Lovely new books in store

Some lovely books arrived at Blue Blood last week, so come to one of our stores and check them yourself!


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New Zoe Karssen Tee’s in store now !

We have the new Zoe Karssen Tee’s collection in store now, which is called “Runnin’ Wild”. The collection is about the Hollywood sex symnbol with her provocative clothes, champagne blond hair, and whisper-voiced manner of speaking, tragic 1962 overdose … the two filling cabinets hoding many of her secrets: Keys to the mystery that was Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962).

The summer 2010 collection is initially inspired by a typed thank you letter Marilyn sent to the German Consulate Geeral which read: “Dear Mr. Von Fuehlsdorff, Thank you for you champagne. It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer. My Best, Marilyn Monroe.”

We think the Tee’s are realy cool, come to one of our stores and see for yourself!
But first check out some of the shirts here!


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Puma Package!

This morning we had a super excited Alex at the office. A package arrived with his name on it and it made him act like a kid on christmas morning!

What could’ve made our Sales director so excited? PUMA, of whom we sell exclusives in our stores, had sent him the new and exclusive R698!

It even has his name on the box! The R698 has a futuristic media campaign accompanying it, with videos, posters and more.

Here a link to the viral posted online as part of the “6 sides, 9 days, 8 hundred million miles away” -campaign.

“6 sides, 9 days, 8 hundred million miles away”.

Update:  PUMA just saw us online and sent us some extra info on the campaign

They have set up a Benelux-campaign for the new PUMA model R698, integrating and creating a whole science fiction-like world that fits perfectly with the shoes.

“This world has come to life in a trailer that is just to freaky for words. Completely computeranimated minimovie that raises more questions than it answers. This will also be played on screen at the shops.”

Check it here : http://vimeo.com/4358815 (also downloadable as *.m4v file)

Sold  at PATTA.



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