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Jéh Jewels by Graziella Ferraro exclusively at our stores

Yesterday the collection of Jéh jewels by Graziella Ferraro was launched at BoCinq Amsterdam. The theme of the collection is ‘Voyage around the world’. The jewelry line has five remarkable sterling silver items. Each of them has it’s own story to tell..

1. Great Brittan – Robin Hood, prince of thieves: a necklace with a Celtic sword.
2. China – Empire of the dragon: a dragon shaped ring.
3. The Amazon – The magnificence of Nature: a brooch of six gothic spiders.
4. Garden of Eden – The beginning: a snake shaped bracelet.
5. United States of America – A pearl earring contrasting with an American eagle.

All these extraordinary jewelry is available exclusively at our Amsterdam based stores from today, please come to one of our stores to see the beautiful pieces for yourself.


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