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Yesterday we were all a little nervous here at bLue Blood. Nervous like you would be before you would have a sexual education class back in your schooldays. Why we felt this way? We had a presentation on a new brand of beauty products in our store. YESforLOV, costmetiques du plaisir. They offer their range of “bedroom products” outside the taboo of sexshops. An easier and more comfortable way to shop for these kinds of naughty but very nice products.

YESforLOV has created an exclusive, sophisticated range of products that are an invitation to lovemaking.

These include unscented wipes, sensuous massage oil, deluxe condoms, lovers’ hide-and-seek kit, moisturising lubricants, soothing balms, love vitamins and more.
All their products are associated with pleasure and the skin, including skincare, protection and intimate games.
Thanks to innovative packaging, candid advice and unparalleled quantity, if you’re looking for a healthy, creative and fulfilling love life, check out: YESforLOV, the experts in sensual well-being.

The line also offers lots of opportunities if you wanna surprise your lover or just wanna buy a cool gift for a good friend. A nice extra, the packaging is designed by the same designers who are responsible for Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes and Moet & Chandon champagne.

Here’s some examples;

Hide & Seek, a fluorescent marker that doesn’t stain the sheets. The writing is invisible until revealed by the indiscreet black light flashlight, which completes the kit. Write secret words or messages on bare skin and use  your skin like the trembling pages of a book.

Titillating massage oil, the light, non-oily texture does not stain clothing or sheets. To enhance relaxation, it is enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary and sweet almond oils, spiced up with a dash of ginger extract for an exciting experience.

Titillating sheet fragrance, splash your sheets and pillows with this scent of love. When the time is right, plunge into its warm and sensual fragrance. And use your tracking skills to follow the trail. Its formula was designed not to stain your sheets, even your most delicate bed linens.

Delicious pearly powder, a beautiful velvet powder puff and pearly scented powder which will give your skin a sensual shimmer and hypnotizing smell.  As delicious to taste as it is to touch. Sprinkle it everywhere you want to attract attention to.

THE Condom, slipped into its precious pouch, the YESforLOV condom is presented like a jewel. It lives up to the most demanding safety and protection standards combined with an ultra-fine design that keeps your most intimate sensations intact. As safe as it is sensual, elegant and practical, this is THE condom. Transparent condom with reservoir tip, made of natural rubber latex and lubricated with polydimethylsiloxane. Average length is 180 mm, average width 53 mm, smooth surface and very thin width for greater pleasure.

We at Blue Blood offer you this tool to spice up your holidays or any other day for that matter. Prices range from 13,- euro’s for set of high class condoms till 129,- euro’s for a luxurious gift box with all kind of fun stuff!


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