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Why We Love Selvedge

Selvedge is the (traditionally a red-and-white) stripe that you’ll see along the seam on the inside of old-fashioned jeans. More than just a fray – proof seam, selvedge represents a tradition, an attitude and era of craftsmanship. Here’s why we love it.

Technically, a selvedge (also called “self-edge” or “selvage”) is the edge of denim made on an old-fashioned loom. In the good old days before mass production, denim was made on fairly narrow 29 inch-wide looms by weaving a continuous string of cotton (the so called “weft” yarn) back and forth through the “warp” yarns. The selvedge is made when the weft yarn loops back; so the fabric cannot fray or unravel.



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Never too young to be fashionable…

We just had to share this adorable shot with you.

It’s Dean at home trying on his new “Stella McCartney for GAP band jacket”. Perfectly combined with a classic white tee and his “My First Selvedge” jeans from Blue Blood. We think he probably looks even cooler than many of us here in the office.

But hey what else, if your mom is Glamour’s fashion editor Jetteke van Lexmond and your dad “Alex too cool for school Jaspers” International sales director here at Blue Blood.

We say, moms keep your daughters in when lil’ Dean will start riding his bike! 😉


p.s. We think Dean could very well become the next James Dean…


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Coming up: a new jean which can already be considered a classic!

The Steve Fat Slim is one of our highlight pieces of the Blue Blood SS10 collection. This Steve (named after style icon Steve McQueen) is an 14’5 Oz  24 organic indigo dip denim with an extreme wide selvedge. The fatty selvedge which is 3,8 inch, is much wider then a usual selvedge. The green ID of the selvedge is used as a reference to the organic slubby denim cloth and organic indigo used for this jeans. The Steve Fat Slim has a loose fitted waist and is more snug towards the ankles.


The Steve Fat Slim will be in our stores from January on.



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14oz. visiting @ HQ

Karl Heinz Muller has been a part of our “love for denim Family” for the last 15 years. We started to work with KH 10 years ago when KH opened his first store in Köln called 14oz ( the weight of most selvedge denims) ever since that day we have remained close.. we started BB ( blueblood) and karl heinze started BB ( bread and Butter) KH is one of these guys that has balls of steel.. what a visionair and how courageous is it to start a monsterous project like Bread and butter.

Nowadays KH has moved back to its roots a gain ..as a purist he opened 14oz again but this time in his hometown Berlin a purist heaven…so whenever you are there.. please say hi from us



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