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Why We Love Selvedge

Selvedge is the (traditionally a red-and-white) stripe that you’ll see along the seam on the inside of old-fashioned jeans. More than just a fray – proof seam, selvedge represents a tradition, an attitude and era of craftsmanship. Here’s why we love it.

Technically, a selvedge (also called “self-edge” or “selvage”) is the edge of denim made on an old-fashioned loom. In the good old days before mass production, denim was made on fairly narrow 29 inch-wide looms by weaving a continuous string of cotton (the so called “weft” yarn) back and forth through the “warp” yarns. The selvedge is made when the weft yarn loops back; so the fabric cannot fray or unravel.




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Self Edge opens NYC store

The, as told by the cool hunter, denim mecca Self Edge has opened a new store in the States. From now on denim heads can quench their thirst for denim in San Francisco and New York!

The interior and vibe will be similar to the SF shop, a place to come in and hang out, although the shopspace will be 25% larger in NYC. Self Edge NYC will carry the same product line as SF with additions such as MFSC,Joe McCoy’s, and Ande Whall  but also a fuller representation of the current brands they have ( Flat Head, Real Japan Blues and 3sixteen) .




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