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‘Wat Weet Je Van Blue Blood?!’

Sorry to our international friends; this song is in Dutch! We would like to thank Dio, Reverse, Adje, Sef & Jayh for using the lyric: ‘Wat weet je van Blue Blood?!’  (1:22) in their new song called ‘Wat weet je nou’.

We think it is pretty cool so: Thank You !



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Big Names at Blue Blood


Big Names aka Flinke Namen are preparing for their cd launch. Of course they need to get dressed for the occasion! Blue Blood loves to help  friends out.

Big Names can make big things happen,  something is on its way, we can’t tell you now. But if you wanna stay up to date,l keep an eye on Blue Blood.


More pictures down here:

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Dio & Sef in preparation of the 3FM Awards

Today one of Holland’s biggest music events will take place, the 3FM awards.

Yesterday two of Holland’s finest artists Dio & Sef came to prepare for their performance during the Award show tonight.

Look at them. They came in our PC 142 shop looking like streetbums.. 😉 And walked out as gentlemen…

We at Blue Blood wanna wish the boys all the best for their performance tonight. And Dio with his nomination for best new artist!

Oh if you noticed that hot Vans and Parra colabo that Sef was wearing. You’ll have to be patient… Freshcotton will have them available from August 2009.

For now you can enjoy the latest Dio & Sef video.

Be warned it’s all in Dutch and it features another close Blue Blood friend; Valerio.

Enjoy!  Tijdmachine  Dio feat. Sef (click to play)



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Better Late than Never!

Remember fashion week January ’09? Remember the afterparty…

No you don’t? Could mean you weren’t there or that you were but got totally wasted. As most of us did..

So here,  (re-)experience  fashion week’s hottest party hosted by Blue Blood, Glamour, George, and Moet & Chandon

Take a peek down memory lane…

(Pictures by Dennis Branko)

The party was very exclusive and the list was tight!

What a night o what a night.. 😛


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