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ROBOts Take Over.

Last week the new social media site robo.to launched on the internet.

robo to

The developers are friends of Justin Timberlake who recently updated his site too! Therefore it was no suprise to see mr. Timberlake’s face as one of the first on robo.to

What it is? Robo.to is a 3 sec. filmed “update” of yourself. You can compare it to twitter but then with facial expressions. It can be interlinked with social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, so that your new post can be follwed by everyone you know! It saves your previous ones so people can look back too….

For those very curious here are some international and national robo.to -ers:

Justin Timberlake

Pete Philly


(click on the arrow left to the vids to see an older post)

Will we see you soon on robo.to ? Let us know!


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