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Shane Shu features friends of Blue Blood in his video

Shane Shu is a music artist, photographer, and peripheral visionary. He came to Holland when he was 18. Describing his style of music in a few words is impossible. We’ll let him try, shall we? Shane: ‘The sound and writing is unlike any other Dutch artist. A well-written and credible pop album with intelligent arrangements.’

The new Shane Shu single is called ‘Can You Help Me’ and has an amazing video! The story of the video is also the story of the song: with a lot of social media ‘friends’ one can still feel lonely and in need of help from real friends. ‘Can You Help Me’ is the second single of the forthcoming album ‘Let’s Burn This Town’ (release October 8th, 2010). The video feautures a lot of our Blue Blood friends like Covergirl Sunny, Hanna Verboom & Willa Stoutenbeek (amongs many others).


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