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Last Christmas Gift: Midori Traveler’s Notebook

If you are stressing about your last Christmas gifts we have a pretty good option for you; Traveller’s Notebook. We love the Midori Traveler’s Notebook for  the feel of the leather, the refillable high quality notebooks and the plastic inserts that help us organize our life just a bit better. The notebooks and all inserts are available at our stores. Pretty nice gift, don’t you think?


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Traveler’s notebooks @ our stores now !

It is a simple notebook focusing on ease of writing, with a leather cover in which texture gets better as you use it over time. The leather covers are made by hand in Thailand. The notebook inside uses an original paper material by Midori, developed in the pursuit of the ease of writing and made carefully in Japan. A special feeling is created based on the harmony between the primitive texture from Thailand and the sensitivity from Japan. Once you grab this notebook, you will undoubtedly want to go on a trip. This is the type of notebook we have strived for.

The traveler’s notebooks are available at our stores now.


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Your own unique history..

A notebook gives you a place to write down what makes you angry or sad or amazed, to write down what you noticed and don’t want to forget. Memories just may be the most important possession anyone has.  Our memories shape what we write.  It’s a way to connect yourself with your own unique history.

We came across some nice notebooks on the internet. At Blue Blood we write down our thoughts and idea’s in our own monogram notebook. We selected some nice pictures to share with you guys.


Field Notes


Colette x Andre x Smythson

Laser Engraved Moleskin


Blue Blood Monogram Notebook

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