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Baby-foot turned into Le Barbie-Foot

“Foosball”, “Futbolín”, “Kicker” – however you wish to call it, the real name for the famous miniaturised game of football is called “Baby-foot”.

The first popular game of table football was invented by a French man, Lucien Rosengart. After all those years that this game was viewed as a game mainly aimed at men – Baby-foot has now turned into Le Barbie-Foot. The young, creative French designer Chloé Ruchon has collaborated with the well known Baby-foot maker, Bonzini and the brand Barbie by Mattel.


With this newly invented table she brings two worlds together. The Barbie doll is symbol of ultra feminity. The doll with its exaggerated proportions portrays a so called “ideal female picture”. The game of football is mainly, enjoyed, watched and played by the predominantly male world. By combining these two juxtapositions, Chloé Ruchon encourages and provokes thoughts about different ways of thinking and the everyday subjects and the social norms we face.



Whoever said women  can’t play football…think again.

Beginning of last week this table arrived at one of Blue Blood’s favourite stores called Colette in Paris.


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