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François Nars

Nars mission is to empower women to experiment and have fun with makeup by teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty and individual characteristics. Nars believes there are no rules when it comes to beauty; whatever makes you look and feel good is right.

François collaborated with top designers including, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, among others, helped transform the accepted face of beauty. At the same time François regularly collaborated with legendary photographers such as Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Bruce Weber.



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Living the Lego Life!

It is amazing how many Lego inspired gadgets pop-up. One of the most adored toys by children is now used in adult life in all kinds of playful ways. At first Lego conquered the runway. It was first noticed at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 show. It appeared on the models as brooches, headband details, etc.

Lego style has apparently been absorbed by the furniture and home decorating industry, we spotted a sofa, a kitchen counter and table and chair legs.

This sofa is made up of several rubberized foam pieces shaped like Lego. If you are bored with the old design, simply re-arrange the various pieces to form a new look.

There is even a USB hub shaped like Lego..

The furniture above is made with actual Lego pieces.
We advice you to keep an eye on this trend.

Maybe you should even ask your mom to get you old Lego from the attic so you can get creative!



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Kids these days…amazing

“I wore this last Saturday? I think? Or five years ago? Or something”.

” Shoes found in our basement (which is gross until I remember they are velvet and I love them.)”


“This one is from Saturday night at the Alexander Wang & Katie Grand party. Alex is like this little imp that I want to put in a box and build a little house”

These are all quotes from the 13 years young Tavi Gevinson. Tavi speaks and writes as if she has lived a whole life already but the truth is this young blogger is just a teenager. We love her as she is so nerdy in a cool way that she gets invited to the most influential fashion shows during the New York Fashion week. Some of the shows she attended last week were the Alexander Wang show and she was even seated in front row at the Marc Jacobs show. This little blogger has 1.5 million people visiting her blog per month. She happily trades in math, science and history classes to attend The New York Fashion Week or to fly over to London to pose for the cover of Pop magazine.

Alexander Wang and Tavi at the Alexander Wang afterparty

Alexander Wang and Tavi at the Alexander Wang afterparty

Tavi and Yohji Yamamoto at the Y-3 show

Tavi and Yohji Yamamoto at the Y-3 show


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Inspired to Inspire

Movies – movies are watched by all of us. As a form of entertainment, education or it may be a very useful source of inspiration to people all over the world. Great designers world wide have been inspired by many different movies in order to create a wonderful new collections. We, at Blue Blood were extremely moved by The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson, likewise were Louis Vuittons’ new luggage designs.


Last week you were able to read a post on an ode made to Wes Andersen by artist Elloh. Today we spotted on Empireonline.com that just like we here at Blue Blood were inspired by his movies, so were the designers at Louis Vuitton. These great luggage designs by Louis Vuitton look identical to the once shown last week at the Blue Blood fashion show. Check out more pictures of designers that were inspired by movies and that designed for world famous movies – resulting in as a source of insiration for all of us out there.


Sex and The City –  wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood


Fifth Element – costume design by Jean Paul Gaultier


Breakfast at Tiffanys – costume design by Givenchy


Annie Hall – costume design by Ralph Lauren


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