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We love lobsters, The lobster is our mascot, because lobsters have blue blood, and therefore are aristocratic. The brand is called Blue Blood because we have blue blood – indigo running through our veins.

Earlier we have showed you the Lobsterdress.

Now recently we stumbled upon a photographer by the name Isabelle Bonjean (Jean in the last name was promising). She has done work for Vogue Japon, Vogue Gioiello, Surface, Wallpaper, American Elle and more.

The specific picture that drew our attention was from the shoot she did for Citizen K. (see picture below)


No words needed here why we like this picture.

To see more of Isabelle’s work go to the website: IBONJEAN



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Lobsterlovers that we are, we came across a very interesting nautical themed collection of the French label  HEAL . Which, very much to our liking, has a lobster dress featured in it.

It is interesting to see how the dresses in the collection are shaped and especially how they chose to display them. The moving thumbnails on the website are very interesting to look at.

The styling of the creations are remarkable, it is really cool how they have made the model move in the shape of a lobster. We, for  one are totally enthusiastic about it.

As you can see the lobster is shaped around the model’s body like it is gripping it.

All in all, it’s LOBSTERLICIOUS  peepz!


(spotted at StyleBubble : http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2009/03/heal-me.html )


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