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Blue Blood International in amazing Hong Kong…

So now that you have seen images of the beautiful city Hong Kong in the previous blog post. You probably wonder why Steve and his team are there… They are there to prepare everything to open up their new Asian Head quarters.

BLUE BLOOD INTERNATIONAL will set up a showroom and design office for our Asian Head quarters in Hong Kong. From there on we will serve main regions like Hong Kong, China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia

Its work is in progress … and it will end up looking like the PS13 shop located in Amsterdam. It will have the same stunning vintage wooden floors, copper elements, vintage furniture and monogram chairs. There will only be one tiny difference… the breath taking HK skyline.

From Steve’s drawings to the finalization of the whole project – it will only take 3 weeks to complete. We absolutely love the Hong Kong work ethic here!!!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 8

Asia here we come!



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Update on Prada Transformer

Earlier this year we’ve blogged about the ambitious and futuristic Prada project called the Transformer.

They’ve released an official website with more info to check out.

And there is a more elaborate explanation of the project and activities.

Check it out! : http://www.prada-transformer.com/


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Transformer in Korea

In the trend of being Dutch and proud of it, we decided to post about another Dutch talent getting internationally far.

As amazing as the favelas in Rio, Rem Koolhaas the architect from OMA has designed an even bigger awe-ing project. The Prada Transformer in Seoul, Korea.

Scheduled to open at the end of March, the Prada Transformer will stage a range of art, cinema, culture and fashion events though August. the 65-ft. high tetrahedron is composed of four different shapes, a hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle.

It is certainly an ambitious project as the Transformer is scheduled to open this week. A mix of everything nice in a supercool building. The building is set to shift it shape every other time period just like a transformer.

We from BB especially find this cool, because of the mix of fashion, art and awesome innovative exposition developments! Looking for to see how the structure transforms once it opens!

Check for more info this link or this one




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