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Let’s Help Japan!

The Japanese are generally accepted as the best denim craftsmen in the world. Weaving, production, washing, treatment; all done with the skill of a samurai and the grace of a geisha. The Japanese denim is a classic one and made in the original autenthic Japanese tradition.

These 100% made in Japan denims are created with utter passion, which is visible through the most beautiful deatails and finishing. The ‘Made in Japan’ collection reminds people to fall in love, have fun and get lost in your dreams.

Our thoughts go out to our friends and colleagues in Japan. We will donate the profit of the ‘Made in Japan’ collection. Visit our stores, buy a ‘Made in Japan’ item and help Japan!


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Free & Easy and Lightning Magazine available @ Blue Blood!

All the way from Japan Blue Blood now offers Free & Easy and Lightning amongst her magazines in the P.C. Hooftstraat shop. The magazines are much sought-after by denim lovers and purists. The term magazine is hardly sufficient for these monthly libraries of denim and other “blue” inspired items. These stylebooks feature articles and photo’s of authentic vintage clothing, shoes, outerwear, bikes and the collectors of all these goods. The books are inspired by American vintage but executed in a typical Japanese way. For topics think of styles inspired by military, US college life and the great outdoors. The leading denim magazines are rarely seen outside of Japan, they are a must for anyone who admires the Japanese denim and vintage scene. It is a definitive guide to Japans denim brands.

Get your hands on one now! You can leave your contact details if you want to sign up for a monthly copy. We will call you when the new issue arrives and keep one to the side by request.

I can hear the indigo coursing through your veins, so run!



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ADHD: The Opening Night


Amsterdam’s denim fanatics gathered at Sid Lee for the ADHD exhibition opening. Vinyl amateur DJ Big C from Les Amateurs de Vinyl entertained us with some nice rock tracks while the delicious burgers where served by Burgermeester. A stripe-and-kahki- trend was spotted but beers, boys, burgers and blue talk best describe the evening…


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Meet Blue Blood: Alex


One of the guys that has been with us since the very beginning is our beloved Alex Jaspers, our international sales director.

His passion for denim is breathing through in the way he dresses, the way he talks about the subject but it can also be noticed just by looking at his office.

I thought this is something nice to share with you guys!

Decide for yourself..



Some inspiration.


Memories and collectibles.


Iconic people who inspire Alex and Blue Blood and some denim pieces for young and old.


The man himself explaining…


Some books and magazines. Free & Easy, Lightning etc.


An office overview.



It’s always fun when Steve drops in!



Steve loves showing us his new tricks.


Alex doesn’t even try to level with Steve’s tricks.


Thanks you guys! We had fun!

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