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Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker currently lives in Lyon and works in his town and Paris. He is an interdisciplinary art director specialized in creating intelligent solutions for corporate, packaging, print media and papermade illustration. We at Blue Blood love creative people and we would like to share some of his great work.

For more information visit Romain’s site.


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Amsterdam is a hide out for some of the world’s greatest talents

Amsterdam offers home to some of the most talented creatives in the world. It has always been like this and we hope it will continue to always be this way.

Today we want to introduce you to Amsterdammer Martine Johanna. Floating between contemporary illustration, art nouveau and victorian lowbrow, Martine creates fairytales on paper.

We can spend hours talking about her art but as the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So why waste your time with words if we can just show you some of her nicest work…







0022 the woods

0017 drift

0019 louis


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