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Lobsterlovers that we are, we came across a very interesting nautical themed collection of the French labelĀ  HEAL . Which, very much to our liking, has a lobster dress featured in it.

It is interesting to see how the dresses in the collection are shaped and especially how they chose to display them. The moving thumbnails on the website are very interesting to look at.

The styling of the creations are remarkable, it is really cool how they have made the model move in the shape of a lobster. We, forĀ  one are totally enthusiastic about it.

As you can see the lobster is shaped around the model’s body like it is gripping it.

All in all, it’s LOBSTERLICIOUSĀ  peepz!


(spotted at StyleBubble : http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2009/03/heal-me.html )


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