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Mou Boots and L’Eclaireur availabe NOW!!!

Remember how we told you about the wonderful candles of L’Eclaireur and the boots of Mou..

They are both available in our Amsterdam Blue Blood stores from this Saturday on.

They both would function perfectly under the Christmas Tree!

Wanna fresh up your memory? ¬†Mou L’Eclaireur.

See you in the store!


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MOU at Blue Blood

Rugged Luxury

As we went on an inspiration trip to Paris we of course¬† can’t help but to pass by the beautiful stores of L’Eclaireur. Their stores are an aspiration in terms of product and interior.

We of course visited the Secret Store and it was there when we first came across these great boots!

Mou, Rugged Luxury

They are as comfortable as a pair of Uggs BUT a lot better looking… They’ve already been seen on Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now Blue Blood will be the first to sell Mou in Amsterdam. They will in stores before Christmas. Just in time to put them on your wishlist.

Eskimo Boot tall

Eskimo Boot regular

Mou boots will be available in different colours and both tall and regular. Next season we will also offer their great antelope boots!


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