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Piet Parra’s ‘Not So Happy Bird’

Pieter Janssen (1976), better known as artist Piet Parra, is a Dutch graphic designer and illustrator. Piet Parra makes graphic designs for affiches and flyers. He is the designer of the brand ‘Rockwell Clothing’. Besides that he does work for advertisement business ‘Big Active’ in London.

Recently Parra has joined up with Toykyo to design a new set of porcelain sculptures. The ‘Not So Happy Birds’ are limited to only 25 colours each, 20 cm tall. Check out Toykyo and Rockwell Clothing for more information.


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Liquid art by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is an illustrator / graphic designer from Italy, born in Milan 1976. This Italian artist has created a series of liquid art using blue and red ink in a fishbowl.  As the liquid falls into the fishbowl, it swells, stretches and folds on top of itself, slowly bleeding in to the pure water around it. Seveso then captures images of the swell, timing the shots perfectly to frame a lovely display of cascading paint.

Here is the new collection of inspiring artwork by illustrator Alberto, featuring some amazing photos.


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Provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes.

Moving from hectic London to cool but small Amsterdam, graphic designer Zoe Karssen decided to combine het two biggest passions: fashion and graphic design.

Fascinated by the seventies, tattoos, photography, illustration, underground music and art, Zoe has no trouble feeling constantly inspired by her surroundings, friends and colleagues in the fashion industry.

The petite girl with a big personality gets to live out her dream of producing a small number of hand drawn tees. Each one provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes. She created tees for herself and her friends to help carry out their extravagant lifestyles.

The response to Zoe’s tongue and cheek designs are beyond any of her expectations. With some of Holland’s most influential stylists already using some of the samples, Zoe’s passion project seems off to good start.

Each design comes in a limited edition of a 100 pieces.

Every t-shirt is individually numbered by hand.

The latest addition to her range: Paris Can Wait is available at Blue blood stores now.

The t-shirt range  from 59,99 euros



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Shepard Fairey blesses Amsterdam

If I ask you if you know Shepard Fairey, you might say no. But that’s until I show you some iconic images from his hand. 
You might’ve run across his images on your local street corner or noticed his iconic Obama portrait during the 2008 US presidential elections.


Shepard Fairey is a contemporary artist , graphic designer , and illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene. 
Obey clothing was founded in 2001 when Shepard realized that clothing can be a creative platform in many way. Using t-shirts as his canvas.

Now Shepard decided to bless Amsterdam Central Station with some of his amazing signature pieces. Since Willa’s brother Sebas Stoutenbeek (he used to be a part of the BB team and always stays in touch) is the Dutch representative for Obey we got the scoop on this and get to share some of the first images with you!



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