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Favorite Blue Blood Denim

We asked our friends on facebook, twitter and here on our blog to send in photos of their favorite Blue Blood denim. We received a lot of beautiful examples from you guys, thanks for that! We especially liked the photos from Stan Koolen of his 5 year old Blue Blood denim, thanks Stan for your pictures! We will contact you by e-mail for your reward. P.s. We also love your Gourmet shoes!



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Gourmet Shoes at Blue Blood

Gourmet Shoes is a brand of footwear designed by veterans named Jon T. Buscemi, Greg Lucci and Greg Johnsen.

The brand is inspired by both Italian and American culture. The brand aims to break barriers by fusing sophisticated Italian style with the rugged American style. The result is a line of shoes inspired by Italian food, music, culture, and religion.

On the brand’s official website www.gourmetinyourface.com it states, “Gourmet is both high and low, style forward yet familiar, chic and Gauche.  Each Piece – From footwear to apparel – Possesses an understated complexity that underlies gourmet’s high concept DNA.”

Available at Blue Blood now!

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