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We at Blue Blood love high quality made products with a lot of attention to detail. For example, the way we make our denim is with the same passion as if we were prepaing a home cooked dinner for one of our best friends. When we do so, we use the finest ingredients. We will walk that extra mile to go to the most delicious bakery, the best butcher or that vegetable jeweler. When we come across other companies or people who share our fine taste for excellence we love to give them some well deserved attention on our blog.
“Gewoon “ is the name of a high end luxury caterer. “Gewoon” is the Dutch definition of  “ordinary”, “usual” and “common”. If this exquisite caterer is anything, it’s anything but common. Last week we drove past this interesting delicacy store window. Unable to stop then, I went to have a look yesterday. Even though it was after closing time the two owners were friendly enough to invite me in.

I immediately noticed the organic B_E_E products that we sell in our Blue Blood stores too. The owner then explained to me that all the delicacies they offer are actually very uncommon and obtained from different places all over the world. He showed me hand made chocolates from Barcelona, explained about the qualities of his imported cheeses and his companion then offered me home made organic pastries and Japanese seaweed crisps. Gewoon caters at large exclusive events. They claim that no demand is too outrageous and they can get you anything you ask for. They will take care of everything, location, hostess girls, fine silver cutlery and tableware, decorations and entertainment.

Gewoon is also a deli where they sell specially imported products and home made food. Each day their menu is changed, everything is 100% organic and made only of the finest quality.

Luxury companies such as Chanel, La Prairie and Cartier are a few of a long list that Gewoon has catered for.

So even though based in Amsterdam they are operating worldwide.  If you are lucky to be enough to be able to visit their store when in Amsterdam we recommend it.



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