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Heavily worn B.B. purple & rainbow selvedge

Blue Blood fan Dirk Buitelaar send us pictures of his heavily worn Blue Blood rainbow and purple selvedge. At the time he bought 2 pair of each denim. One to wear non stop and the other one to compare how the denim is changing after wearing it without washing. See the pictures below how incredible the jeans look after wearing.

We think the denim looks absolutely amazing, just the way dry denim should look like after wearing it intensively.


Rainbow Selvedge:

Purple Selvedge:


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Blue Blood Autumn Winter 2010 preview

‘Old Blues, New Blood’

Blue Bloods Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is inspired by vintage clothing and iconic pieces that we have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized to suit our tastes. Hence Old Blues, New Blood. The full collection is a celebration of classic pieces, reconsidering them and bringing them back to life.

Blue Blood upholds a tradition of outspoken, unique style and innovation. New looks, new styles and new washes. We take something and change it around until it suits us. That’s why we started in the first place – to make the things we and our friends wanted to wear. All designed and created with utter most passion.

The Blue Blood A/W collection will be in our stores this summer.


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Blue Blood donates 5% of their turnover to Haiti

Haiti was struck by a major earthquake, knocking down buildings and power lines and inflicting what can be called a catastrophe for the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Blue Blood wants to offer a helping hand where they can. We  therefore decided to donate 5% of the turnover of our Blue Blood stores on Saturday and donate it to the victims of Haiti.

If you wanna help the victims you can do so here (for Dutch visitors) or help through buying something in our stores on Saturday.

Let’s unite For Our Friends worldwide!


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