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Oh land..

Nanna Øland Fabricius (born 2 May 1985), better known by her stage name Oh Land, is a Danish songwriter and record producer. Her Album ‘Oh Land’ is released this year and we would like to share a song from it with you. The song is called ‘Wolf  & I..’. The video is a live performance. We hope you like it just as much we do!


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Heat up with Piet

Heat up in style this winter with the Piet Indoor Stove. This useful piece of furniture so to say has been created by a Danish architect and mathematician, Piet Hein hence the name: Piet Indoor Stove. This stove, not only heats you up during the cold winter days but it also looks like a stylish piece of art within your home. Furthermore, it can be placed near all other furniture and walls within your home due to the great rock wool insulation the Piet has.




We’re looking forward to winter!


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