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Brazil needs its bush

Brazil is a wonderful country, which is probably one of the reasons Greenpeace send photographer Daniel Beltrá to shoot some photos in the Amazon. The other reason of Daniel shooting there is to document the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the consequences. Every 18 seconds one hectare of the beautiful Brazilian rainforest is being deforested.

With the images taken in the Amazon Daniel Beltrá won several photography prices amongst which the World Press Photo (WPP) twice.

We from Blue Blood just wanna help finding a way for Brazil to keep its bush.


Check out the awesome pics on :

Daniel Beltra

Forests play a vital role in stabilising the world’s climate by storing large amounts of carbon.
Deforestation causes 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, which causes climate change. Ending deforestation is an essential part of a global strategy to tackle climate change and to preserve biodiversity.


You turn the earth!
An important way to tackle deforestation and climate change is to internationally agree upon a strong Climate protocol in Copenhagen 2009. Support a good climate deal on www.greenpeace.nl/youturn!
22/06/2009 Camera Mundo – 2nd Independent Film Festival- Lantaren/Venster – Rotterdam 26th to 28th June, 2009

(all pictures are on  danielbeltra.com )


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