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Provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes.

Moving from hectic London to cool but small Amsterdam, graphic designer Zoe Karssen decided to combine het two biggest passions: fashion and graphic design.

Fascinated by the seventies, tattoos, photography, illustration, underground music and art, Zoe has no trouble feeling constantly inspired by her surroundings, friends and colleagues in the fashion industry.

The petite girl with a big personality gets to live out her dream of producing a small number of hand drawn tees. Each one provocative with a wink to the fashion industry and some of its biggest heroes. She created tees for herself and her friends to help carry out their extravagant lifestyles.

The response to Zoe’s tongue and cheek designs are beyond any of her expectations. With some of Holland’s most influential stylists already using some of the samples, Zoe’s passion project seems off to good start.

Each design comes in a limited edition of a 100 pieces.

Every t-shirt is individually numbered by hand.

The latest addition to her range: Paris Can Wait is available at Blue blood stores now.

The t-shirt range  from 59,99 euros



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Mou Boots and L’Eclaireur availabe NOW!!!

Remember how we told you about the wonderful candles of L’Eclaireur and the boots of Mou..

They are both available in our Amsterdam Blue Blood stores from this Saturday on.

They both would function perfectly under the Christmas Tree!

Wanna fresh up your memory?  Mou L’Eclaireur.

See you in the store!


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L’Eclaireur Candles at Blue Blood


Martine and Armand Hadida, founders of L’Eclaireur Paris, have  delighted our senses for years. From tasting, seeing and touching, they’ve succeeded to stimulate each of these with ease.
But when they decided to tackle smell with their latest project, a foray into the world of perfume, they sought out Christian Astuguevieille as their Creative Director to use his expertise to conjure up scents that would exceed our very notions of smell.

The fragrances he conceived for this collection are refreshing as they are whimsical. Their themes excite and comfort as you inhale their very essences.

With an unexpected selection of aromas, these candles have the ability to recall a simple childhood memory or call upon even stronger emotions as well as play upon other senses.

Astuguevieille uses ingredients such as Ink, Grass, Absinthe, Tangerine and more, to enchant you. They create illusions, which we savor. The smell of freshly cut grass on a warm spring day, a hint of licorice, the freshness of tangerine, reminiscent of when you’re peeling one yourself, and the smell of dried ink on your hands after writing a letter are thoughts that come to mind.

While the collection is shrouded in mystery by its black boxes and silken paper, and the perfumed wax is encased in the simplicity of matte black glass, the key lies within the colour-coded fragrances :
Grass is an earthy green, while the dark liquorice of Zan seeks refuge in its white opposite. Encre leaves hints of purple ink, the orange of the Tangerine emulates the glowing sun and Absinthe wears the colour of
the Green Chartreuse.

Memories of ink stains on your fingertips.
A clever tale told through the play of incense pitted against
the moody Balsamic Fir wood. Dark and captivating is its aura.
Throw in the unexpected spark of an orange kiss, and with this
trio of ingredients, they summon a rhapsody of nostalgia.

The hidden note of licorice rouses you with subtle restraint,
an effect that is most bewitching.
With its bouquet of Ylang-Ylang petals, Zan unveils the
exquisiteness of smell in its refined essence and unexpected

The scent from this citrus is enlightening.
Its ability to uplift any mood is unparalleled, and with the
use of the essence of Neroli, it brings its carnal and
voluptuous notes to the foreground.
Its sensuality is reminiscent of a walking through an
orchard on a warm summer night when the heat of the
sun still lingers on the blossoms and permeates the air with its heady scent.

Run free and lose yourself.
As you escape through the dreamy meadows of freshly cut
grass, the bouquet of fresh violets and the ripe tang of figs,
the earthly realm embraces you. With the freshness of
bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine, inhale and savor the
essence of life.

Wormwoods’ light and bitter tone envelopes you while
stimulating your senses.
Through the entangled clouds of tea and mint, the siren calls
of theses ethereal fragrances soothe your senses.

L’Eclaireur Candles will be available in the Blue Blood stores soon!

Come in and let your senses get carried away…


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