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Beauty Engineered forEver


We came across this great looking product the other day.
It’s a line of washing detergents, dishwash liquid and multi-surface cleaner.
The line is called B_E_E which stands for Beauty Engineered for Ever.
Next to product looking great it’s also environmentally friendly!
We strongly support organizations who choose to work in an environmental friendly way and still manage to keep their products looking cool.
Because what’s up with all the poorly designed products if you walk into an organic supermarket?
Is organic food only for people who don’t care about the appeal? Those days are over, we think…


At Blue Blood we are glad that some people DO understand. We recently switched things around in our office and decided to only have organic lunch from now on.
One of our partners in this process towards a better world is Marqt.
Marqt is a mainly organic supermarket who offers a great looking range of fresh as well as pre packed products. If you’re an Amsterdammer like us you should definitely check out Marqt.


Back to B_E_E. We will probably start selling these products in our stores soon. We will test some of the products at home now and keep you updated with our personal experiences.



(more info: http://www.bee.net.nz )

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