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Hanna in the house.

Last week on Friday the lovely Hanna Verboom came to visit us in the showroom.

Afterwards she and Alex went vogue in the hallway Blue Blood style!

(click to enlarge pictures)

But she was not our only visitor that day! All the way from the USA Jennifer of American Rags came to grace us with a visit as well.

She, Alex and Willa had a great time hanging out.  She got to see Amsterdam in a very Dutch manner, namely by bike! With our risky traffic she managed well, apart from a few almost accidents…. There was food and as we say in dutch “gezelligheid”, and a nice tour around town.

It was great having her over!



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Pete Philly in the house.

“Happy as a kid in a candy store”  is what Pete said when he got a preview of the new Blue Blood Collection. Pete could unfortunately not join us for our show. He was performing in Rotterdam together with amongst others one of our other heroes; Alain Clark.

Therefor we invited both guys into the showroom for a sneak peek…

Here’s some Pete!




 Pete of course tried some stuff on and tested the gear to see whether it was Pete Philly stage proof. If you ever saw him perform live you know what I mean. If not… Shame on you and my advice; go check out a live show near you.


Thanx for your visit Pete! And we’ll catch up in Capetown!







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