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A pre-view with Lieke van Lexmond @ Blue Blood HQ

Lieke van Lexmond was at the Blue Blood office today. Since she’s so enthusiastic and a faithful friend we like to invite her each season for pre-view. In the picture below Lieke is wearing our Blue Blood ‘First Years’ baseball jacket made from beautiful cashmere, silk and mohair tweed fabric. Lieke told us she was very impressed by the Blue Blood AW10 collection and she can’t wait to get her hands on some of the pieces!



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Blue Blood AW10 @ ‘De Modefabriek’

Check out these images of Blue Blood’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection on models Kim and  Ryan styled by Bastiaan van Schaik.

Please let us know what you think!



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Blue Blood Autumn Winter 2010 preview

‘Old Blues, New Blood’

Blue Bloods Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is inspired by vintage clothing and iconic pieces that we have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized to suit our tastes. Hence Old Blues, New Blood. The full collection is a celebration of classic pieces, reconsidering them and bringing them back to life.

Blue Blood upholds a tradition of outspoken, unique style and innovation. New looks, new styles and new washes. We take something and change it around until it suits us. That’s why we started in the first place – to make the things we and our friends wanted to wear. All designed and created with utter most passion.

The Blue Blood A/W collection will be in our stores this summer.


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Super Shades

So yes, today it is officially the 1st day of Autumn but that doesn’t mean the sun is going to stop on shining. We absolutely adore the new fall/winter collection of Super Sunglasses. These hand made Italian acetate sunglasses come in multiple colours and are made to the highest possible standards. Or if you are going ski-ing this winter, Super sunglasses have created a Topski collection whereby all sunglasses have mirrored lenses and contain leather to protect you from all sun, snow and wind.  Not only we are fan but also many celebrities and fashionistas have been spot wearing Super shades. They are sold in leading fashion stores around the world and also in one of Blue Blood’s favourite stores, Colette in Paris.






(Sienna Miller)


(Mary-Kate Olsen)


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