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Never too young to be fashionable…

We just had to share this adorable shot with you.

It’s Dean at home trying on his new “Stella McCartney for GAP band jacket”. Perfectly combined with a classic white tee and his “My First Selvedge” jeans from Blue Blood. We think he probably looks even cooler than many of us here in the office.

But hey what else, if your mom is Glamour’s fashion editor Jetteke van Lexmond and your dad “Alex too cool for school Jaspers” International sales director here at Blue Blood.

We say, moms keep your daughters in when lil’ Dean will start riding his bike! ūüėČ


p.s. We think Dean could very well become the next James Dean…


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B.B. Crew and friends


Looky-look here! Our friend Jennifer Althouse from LA has put up some of the photos of the great time that we’ve spend during her stay in Amsterdam.

There was food, obviously, and Willa demonstrated how she practiced modeling and posture¬† by carrying her plate Asian-style. I’d say she did wel.

We all enjoyed ourselves and it was great to have her over.

Till next time Jennifer.


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If my Blue Bloods could talk, they wouldn’t.¬†They would sing… celebrating that they keep looking better the older they get.

Pete Philly (Singer/Songwriter)

If my Blue Bloods could talk, they would say “Hey Oveous, I think your other jeans are a little upset with me…anything to do with the fact that you’ve been wearing me for 23 days straight?”

Oveous Maximus (Spoken Word Artist)

If my Blue Bloods could talk I would ditch my therapist.

Alain Clark (Singer/ Songwriter)

If my Blue Bloods could talk they would ask me to shut up for once!

Willa Stoutenbeek (Marketing/PR)

When we first met I was a little heavy. 14.5 oz but I knew Alex would like that, the first time we made body contact I could feel he liked me…he cuffed my legs so I could show my selvedge. He rubbed my thights to make me feel more comfortable, we ¬†were made for each other. Now I lost some weight 12.5 oz and I changed my scent, he seems to like it. The Longer we are together the more beautiful I get.

Alex Jaspers (Sales Director)

If my Blue Bloods could talk then it would tell me that I’ve got a lovely ass!

Valerio Zeno (BNN Presenter)

If my Blue Bloods could talk they would say its smelly in here!

 Erik Frenken (Fashion Designer)

If my Blue Bloods could talk they would make me buy more and more of their kind.Yes, indeed they are going for world domination!

Hanna Verboom (Actress)

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