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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving For Our Friends!

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness… it’s an occasion to be spent in the warm and loving company of family, loved ones and friends enjoying beautiful home made dinner with them. Put in that extra effort. Today is a day full of cherishing and being thankful for all the good things we have been blessed with. ‘Happy Thanksgiving’!




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Poster pocket planting

Eric Chueng and Sean Martindale are the implementers of the project Poster Pocket Planting. They fill the city streets of Toronto with more green scenery. What they do is they create “pots” in existing poster walls, they then fill these up with soil and place a plant within it. The poster pocket planters hope that this form of creating green wall systems will encourage other activists to start this method in other cities. It has already been picked up in Brooklyn. Due to the cold weather Eric and Sean have stopped planting new plants into poster pockets. Instead they actually saved some greens that they had put out on Harbord to save them from the frost. These little plants have been carefully brought inside. We love what they do and who knows maybe the streets of Berlin, New York and Amsterdam will look much greener soon. Lets hope so.


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happy happy happy socks

They come in all kinds of colours, stripes, squares, and polka dotes. Happy Socks is a Swedish brand that brings warmth and colour to your lovely feet. In whatever mood you may be, Happy Socks has coloured socks that match every mood. Blue Blood met up with happy Socks last week to make a selection of socks for our stores. Snuggle Snuggle Snuggle up with Happy Socks because they will be in store very soon, right in time before the weather is starting to turn colder.

Not only did we think of keeping you warm during the winter we also thought about getting you through the cold crisis days as these socks will be sold at a starting price of only 7,00 Euro’s. Most probably even a great option to buy this as a Christmas gift for your loved ones cause they tend to make everyone happy! Even in darker days…


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Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums is a romantic, trendy and high quality French perfume brand. These heavy scented fragrances indulge finely into once skin. Each perfume is dated and has its own inspirational character that tells a unique poetic story. Histoires de Parfums sells erotic men fragrances, temperamental women perfumes and also rich unisex fragrances. Creator Gerald Chislain is an absolute perfectionist and this can clearly be seen in the modern perfume bottling he uses and in the way these perfumes are displayed. He refuses to sell them at the regular fragrance stores as he believes his creations will not receive the attention they deserve to get. Which is true. Luckily, we at Blue Blood will be able to sell these imaginative story telling perfumes at our stores. With a little patience, they will arrive in our stores this month.

parfumes de hist 1




We can’t wait for them to arrive in our stores.


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Stampd’ at Blue Blood

Last week some awesome sneakers arrived at our Blue Blood store in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam! Coming from LA, sneaker brand Stampd’ is a huge success! Prior to setting up Stampd’, designer Chris Stamp used to paint his graphics on Chuck Taylor’s and Toms. He got such a rush from this that he decided to launch a website whereby consumers were able to design there “one of a kind” sneaker. This was a huge success that led to Chris Stamp starting up his own brand. He uses these sneakers as a source to portray his vision of what streetwear really is today and aims therefore to bring fun back into this scene. Both male and female sneakers are now available in our store. Here is a sneak preview.


Hakeem skater


stampd teddy

black slow

Can’ wait to have them? Run to our Blue Blood PC Hoofstraat store before there gone…


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All sorts of denim outfits….

We came across some hilarious images of all kinds of people dressed in denim outfits on Mr. Mort’s blog. We simply couldn’t resist to share them with you guys! Great! Check it out!























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Cotton Duck

We at Blue Blood owe our name to our love for Denim and the indigo that we have coursing through our veins. We are glad we are not alone and that there are a handful of ‘geeks’  like us out there. Cotton Duck is one the most prominent Denim Heads on the internet. We are  extra proud of him since next to his Denim obsession he also shares our home town Amsterdam. Samuel better known as Cotton Duck finally put up his own blog.

Guess we will be spending even longer hours gazing at our screens… Check it out! Or should we say… Stay away! Don’t get sucked in! Be aware of the consequences… Here’s a preview:



pin up





We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!


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Europeans by Yamandu

We bumped into an old friend of ours, Yamandu on the great Tenue De Nimes blog. It mentioned his new photography project called Europeans. In his  red Peugot 205 he explored the streets of Europe and photographed what inspired him about Europeans.






To see the entire collection of “Europeans”, have a look in his website.

BB loves his imagery.



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Blue Blood in Sportswear International

This article appeared in this months Sportswear International.

Check it out, BB


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Too Faced….

Too Faced is the name of a nice looking and fun American cosmetic brand. We came across it a while ago and this week we received some amazing products for us to try out. We received a lip-gloss that can turn into different shades of pink. So whether you want to feel totally zen or frisky, you can do both with this one lip-gloss.


We also received an eye shadow transformer. This is a tiny little brush that has to be dipped in a special type of liquid and with this you can turn any eye shadow into a hundred different shades.Too Faced make-up is fun yet very glamorous.


Their cosmetics are packaged in cute boxes with pretty writing and funny texts and images on them. While the packaging looks rather girly, the make up makes you look “too faced”. Interesting!



It is so not like any ordinary cosmetic brand and that is why we love it and hope to be able to sell their products within our Blue Blood stores in the future.

WOW, I just checked their website and they even have a vintage sale that is on right now whereby you can save up to 75%!

We like what they do!


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