Heavily worn B.B. purple & rainbow selvedge

Blue Blood fan Dirk Buitelaar send us pictures of his heavily worn Blue Blood rainbow and purple selvedge. At the time he bought 2 pair of each denim. One to wear non stop and the other one to compare how the denim is changing after wearing it without washing. See the pictures below how incredible the jeans look after wearing.

We think the denim looks absolutely amazing, just the way dry denim should look like after wearing it intensively.


Rainbow Selvedge:

Purple Selvedge:


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5 responses to “Heavily worn B.B. purple & rainbow selvedge

  1. This guy must have some serious cash. 🙂

  2. Dirk

    a little bit disappointed you wrote my last name wrong, it’s buitelaar without the N.
    but the pictures look nice on the blog!!

  3. roy

    the first rainbow selvage looks amazing,
    but the purple selvage what happened?? i think a little bit too much sandpaper if you ask me

  4. Dirk

    the purple selvedge is mainly used in house chores and renovation of the house, hence the heavy local damage. the jeans is still very stiff. have to wear it some more for a better overall fading.

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