Today’s Christmas gift: Anniel Shoes

Originally designed for performers in Italy’s piazzas, the family-run label Anniel has been producing extremely pliant ballet and gymnastics shoes in streamlined silhouettes since 1976.

We selected some models of the popular shoes that will suit perfectly with the holidays; glitters, stars and some sheep skin to keep you warm.


Glitter – 79,- Euro

Stars – 109,- Euro

Sheepskin – 109,- Euro

Standard in several colors – 79,-


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2 responses to “Today’s Christmas gift: Anniel Shoes

  1. Sara Rocha

    How can I buy the glitter version?
    I love them…
    Thank you!

    • Blue Blood Blog

      Dear Sara,

      You can buy them at our online store soon.
      We hope to open this end of March.

      Kind regards,

      Blue Blood

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