B.B. Black Card


We would like to thank some people for being such a loyal friend of Blue Blood. For friends like them we have created a special VIP black card. We have selected a small group of loyal friends for this program. The VIP card can be used for discount on your purchases. Besides that the card has several special benefits. A few of our very good friends received it already.. It’s black, heavy, shiny and we know you want it..




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8 responses to “B.B. Black Card

  1. What defines a good friend? o_O

  2. Dirk

    indeed, what defines a good friend?
    Because i would like one BC from BB

  3. Dirk

    Picture 3 makes me wonder if you can sing in for the pass?

  4. Niels

    Somehow it still sounds a bit odd. Apparently the better you can afford it, the more discount you get! Where’s the black card for the man on the street? 😦

  5. Dirk

    geen reactie van BB zelf over hoe vip deze kaarten werkelijk zijn?

  6. Blue Blood Blog

    Dear all,

    We selected a small group of celebrities and close friends who are wearing and supporting Blue Blood since we started the brand in 2003. In total there are less than 50 Black Cards in the world.

    For all our loyal customers and friends like you we have a Loyalty Card in store since today. Feel free to come to one of our stores and get one for yourself right now!

    We hope to see you soon.

    Warm regards,


    • Otwald Schipper

      Dear B.B.,

      on 8-1-2011 i went shopping @ the B.B. store in Amsterdam (Koningsplein 11) why didn’t i get this Loyalty card? i have spend +400,- euro on BB clothing
      this is not the type of service i expected from B.B. 😥

      • Blue Blood Blog

        Dear Otwald,

        Did you ask for the loyalty card?
        Make sure you do next time you visit one of our stores.

        Kind regards,

        Blue Blood

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